I celebrate my beautiful wife a lot.
I always share interesting testimonies about my wife online and offline with different people. People are looking forward to seeing her one day as they believe that all I have been saying about her is real.

Whenever my wife follows me to a program, especially marriage seminars and I introduce her, she always hears the same thing: “It’s so nice to finally meet you. Your husband shares inspiring testimonies about you all the time. I feel like I have known you for years!”

If I had not spoken well of my wife, no one would have celebrated her when they saw her. 

1. Is important to learn to speak well of your spouse as well both outside your home and with relatives. Your spouse’s reputation concerns you as much as both of you are in love and probably married, as well. His/her good name is your good name, too. Celebrate your spouse and stop behaving as if your spouse is the worst person on earth 

2. Brag about your spouse and celebrate your love publicly not just at home. Share a post that expresses your love for your spouse on social media with people so they will know that true love and happy marriage are possible. Talk about how amazing your spouse is to you and the kids. You can do it at family gatherings or when you have people who visit. But let your spouse hear, in the mouth of others, just how you feel about him or her it will show the person that you appreciate their love for you.     

3. Celebrate your spouse's strengths. There is no perfect marriage. Stop focusing only on the weakness part of your spouse because nobody is perfect, your imperfections are what makes your spouse perfect and your spouse's imperfection is what makes you perfect. You are not perfect either. If you focus on your spouse's weakness you can't get the best out of his or her strength in that marriage. 

4. Have an appreciation day for your spouse. Take a day focused on showing your spouse just how much they mean to you. You can buy a small token of gifts or schedule a dinner that allows you to share how much they mean to you face to face in such a place with less distraction but with a piece of cool romantic music.

5. Avoid comparing your spouse negatively with anyone is one of the signs that show you do not appreciate their abilities. Do away with comparing your marriage with anyone else. To avoid marital stresses, be patient with your spouse, work hard as a team, and with time your marriage dreams shall come through

6. When you are in the company of others you should never be saying things that tear your marriage down.

7. Don’t belittle your spouse to your family and friends or make him or her feel unnecessary or incapable of loving you. Don’t dry your dirty laundry in a public place for them to see, remember you are not perfect neither is your spouse. 

8. Don’t let minor disagreements at home tempt you to badmouth your spouse in public because what you tell them is how they will see your spouse. 

9. Never post your marital issue on social media because the internet never forgets and remember the negative thing you said about your marriage is what people will take as what you are facing. (Ephesians 5:12). If you can't handle the issue, see a certified family therapist for counsel to avoid destroying your marriage on social media.

10. Celebrate your spouse! Whenever you have the opportunity of addressing a crowd, always appreciate your spouse especially when he/she is there. 

11. If you hear someone say something nice about your spouse, be very happy to tell him or her. Your spouse’s reputation is your reputation as well so when someone says something good about them, recognize and appreciate it. 

12. Be excited when your spouse returns from an outing or work. Chatting with your phone when your spouse comes back from the office is dishonor simply because it looks like you don't recognize his or her presence and does not show a sign of love from you. Drop your phone, stand up with a smile, hug & welcome Your King or Queen it shows you missed their presence around you while the person was away from you. 

13. Celebrate your spouse's accomplishment no matter how big or small it may be. It’s great to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as you old in love with each other, but there are many other accomplishments you could honor as well. Observe the day your spouse graduated from university, Bible School, Marriage School, and other accomplishments that mean so much to him or her.

14. Dance Together whenever you go on any occasion or at home alone or even in the room while the kids are in school, make it memorable because the love shared is not easily forgotten. Play those old records (if you still have them in your home or computer) or put them on your favorite playlist as you want. Ask your spouse for a dance in the kitchen while cooking together. Or, take your moves out on the town and enjoy yourself because no best calendar for intimate moments.

15. Renew Your Marriage Vows at least once in a decade. Renew your vows in front of friends and family or have a private ceremony in your living room and appreciate each other. Renewing your vows is a great reminder of the bond you have with each other and are ready to keep the flame of love going higher. If you have children now, it's a good way to incorporate them into your ceremony 

You will not fail in marriage in Jesus' name 

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