20 Good Signs That You Are Ready For Marriage.

Many times we think that when you have a good paying job or business or good educational qualifications and you are between 18 to 30 years of age then you are ready for marriage, I want to surprise you because there are many things you should know about being ready for marriage. 

Check out as they are listed below; 
1) As a grown-up woman, you are at least 23 years of age and the man is at least 25 years,  that is a good gap for you to get married to each other.

2) You have a job or business that can financially take care of you, and your wife, and at least a baby when you start having a family.

3) As a grown-up man you have your apartment and you pay all your bills by yourself not that you are depending on your parents or or guidance to pay your house rent for you.

4) You can take good care of yourself and another person either as a support to your man or taking care of the baby's needs without seeing it as a stress.

4) You adore children and wish to have yours in the shortest possible time. Children are gifts from the Lord Almighty and wishing to have your own is a sign that you are ready to be in marriage. 

5) You appreciate cooking and doing house duties without being notified to do it and you don't complain about it. Marriage is full of work which includes being concerned about your partner's neatness, cleaning the house, and as well as cooking for your family, so doing these things freely is a sign that you are ready to start your family. 

6) You can live at least a thousand miles away from your parents or guidance without bothering them to take care of your feeding or your welfare in general.

7) You can make major life decisions about your life and face the consequences without blaming anyone for your mistakes if your decision did not go as well as your initial schedule.

8) You are no longer under the control and command of any of your parents. I do not mean you should stop being loyal but a grown-up person ready for marriage should be able to decide without being controlled.

9) You do not yield to peer tension. Do the necessary things required of you to do, remember in this life nobody cares about what you are going through but the results you have achieved is what people want to see.

10) You are a responsible person when doing anything with the opposite gender. You know how to say NO to an extramarital affair and mean it.

11) As a mature lady you have a good relationship with your father and you are submissive to authorities both at home and in public places including where you work.

12) As a responsible man, you love your mother and sisters and you treat women generally with respect and satisfaction. That's a sign that you can take care of your wife. 

13) You know how to make and multiply money either through business or investment.

14) You are spiritually sound in your relationship with God. You pray and obtain the replies to your invocations. You know how to hear from God at all points in time especially when you are praying.

15) You are generous even when you did not expect you will give. You give with pleasure and not to satisfy those around you.

16) You have a healthy intimate desire. Someone who loves to make love with anyone that comes their way is not ready to get married because infidelity will ruin their marriage. 

17) You know precisely what you want in life and you go after it daily to attain it. One thing in life is to get to adult age and another thing thing to know what you want in life and the right direction to follow for you to get it. These are characteristics of being a reliable fellow. 

18) You have a powerful appetite to love, you easily bond with your partner and help another person be all that God wants them to be in life.

19) You do not have a destructive mindset towards other people around you. You are always positive and willing to be truthful in your actions with anyone. 

20) You are in full grip of your feelings every day. You are not hot-tempered even in the midst of challenges, and you don't forcefully possess what doesn't belong to you. 

These and many more are the signs that show you are ready for marriage. Marriage needs all-around adultness and they include; physical, social, financial, mental, emotional, and psychological. You don't need to marry at 25 even above that,  go for it when you are fit.  

Wait till you are ripe or your immaturity will eliminate you when you get married.

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