20 Ways To Build Trust In Your Marriage Or Relationship.

What is trust? 
This is what many have been asking especially in relationships or marriages. Trust can only be earned from someone, and is not forced or delegated to someone to do it to you. Once a trust built over the years is broken either by infidelity or verbally hurting your spouse, amending it is not easy as it can not be done in one day, and it will take the grace of God for the person to trust you again. 

These brought to the business of the day titled 20 ways to build trust in marriage or relationship

1) Be accountable, and share information accurately with your partner even without being asked. 

2) Let your partner know the nature of the work you do so they can trust you whenever you tell them what is going on in that place. You may not owe anyone's explanation but you owe them trust. 

3) Seek your spouse's ideas in matters to accommodate each other not minding what the matter may be. It will help to know each other better and as well feel more relaxed at all times towards you.

4) Address the areas your spouse complains about, and make amendments to put an end to the complaint. 

5) Offer clarity when your spouse doubts about anything. Clear their mind to make them trust you more and this is by being truthful. 

6) Let your spouse know of your friends so that he or she will believe when you tell them you are hanging out with any of your friends and as well tell your partner the place you are hanging out. 

7) Let your hubby know your schedule for the day, and when you will be busy so that your spouse will not engage you in those times and feel you are avoiding them or you are cheating with the opposite gender. 

8) When you are in a distant place or you traveled alone if possible take photos, videos, and updates to make your spouse feel part of your experiences where you are. It will also help calm them down that you are safe. 

9) Don't overreact when your partner searches for affirmation. Be a source of safety for your spouse, that's trust. 

10) Engage your husband or wife even for a minute throughout the day, so that your spouse can feel thought of you and feel loved and cared for by you. 

11) Represent your marriage well in public or in a private place. Don't talk bad about your spouse remember nobody created by God is perfect. 

12) Don't amuse someone of the opposite gender to the point that your spouse is insecure that you are having extramarital affairs. 

13) Be aware that your partner will be interested in the closest people you hang around with don't value the constitution of marriage, or they have a questionable attitude,  or maybe don't like your partner or seek to drive a wedge between you and your lover. Yes, you can be nice, but who is in your inner circle?

14) Try as much as you can to maintain your promise, and when you can't keep it, explain yourself to the person involved. 

15) Let your flirting be solely between you and your partner because involving another person means you could be promiscuous to your sweetheart. 

16) Avoid being excessively defensive, shielding, and playful in your phone use, be open so that your partner will not start thinking that you are hiding anything from him or her. 

17) Create quality time for your spouse to have a heart-to-heart discussion with you. When this is lacking in your marriage or relationship, your spouse might start thinking you are giving the quality time you used to give to him or her to another individual and this will mean that you giving him or her less attention. 

18) Avoid not clearly being expressed. A lack of information can lead to a lot of assumptions and misunderstandings and this can cause a marital crisis, you can avoid it. 

19) If you had broken trust in your past relationship or marriage, consistently put in the work to rebuild it because everyone can not be the same, don't allow your ugly past to control or determine your presentation happiness or the success of your union. 

20) Return your lover's missed calls and reply to messages as soon as you can, don't keep them waiting even if you are busy, a minute call makes your spouse know that all is well. 

No successful, happy, and joyous marriage is built in one day or a year, put in effort and yours will be a model for others. 
Happy marriage life to you.

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