20 Simple Ways To Show Love And Attention To Your Man. 

In every true love, there is no partiality, the love and intimacy you want to enjoy is good for your man as well and will love to see you offer it to him. 
Men want the following from their ladies as part of being loved. 

1) Men Also Want Someone To Speak To. 
It is usually anticipated by some women that their man should be there to listen to her. But the truth remains that men also need a shoulder to incline on. Woman, hesitate for a while anticipating your man to be there for you, it's not merely about you, you are not the just one with matters to attend to or in need of a room to vent. In the same path, you inform your man because you believe in him, make him confident in you and he will tell you his all at all times. 

2) Men Also Need To Be Looked Out for. 
While in dating and intimate discussions, anticipate your man to be asking questions and pursuing you. But the man also requires you to show curiosity in him, ask him questions, and go after him too.

3) Men Also want A Hug from their ladies.
It is desired for the man to give good hugs to his loving woman. But men also need the woman to come to them and hug them as well. Behind the powerful egoism mask men wear, is a gentle spirit that also needs tender loving maintenance. A soul is a soul, whether it is owned by a man or a woman.

4) Men Also Wants To Be Defended. 
When a woman is being talked poorly about or her name is being degraded; it is expected of her man to protect her. But lady, also safeguard the honor of your man when he is stricken, stand by him in secret and general place.

5) Your Man Wants You To Tell Him "I love you".
In as greatly as men don't exhibit a lot of feelings, men love it when the lady they adore lets out to them "I love you". Of course, men are mysterious, they don't frequently say these words but they require to hear them. If she quits saying them he gets shocked he could be relinquishing her to another man.

6) Men Also Need To Be pampered.
Men love gifts, especially unannounced gifts, we all do more especially something that we need but can not afford at the moment. The inquisition is, what precisely will please him? The first thing is to know his taste, boost his egoism, honor him for who he is, and celebrate him and his accomplishments; big or small it is one of the ways to show you are proud of him.

7) Men Also Want To Be Fought For.
Men love a lady who fights for the good and happiness of their relationship or marriage. Your man cannot save the love alone, you need to stand for it just like him.

8) He Also Needs To Be Prayed For.
It is anticipated that the man should be the high priest in the relationship or marriage. But men also need the woman to cover them in devotion every day, the woman to go to spiritual war and thrive with him, and guard him when he is bruised. 

9) Men Also Need To Be Romanced.
It is expected that the man should be the person doing the dating and the intimate things. But love is best done when reciprocal. Dear Lady, be in a romance with your man, be forward a while, melt his feelings, and come on him hard; men love a powerful woman who can bring her unique romance techniques and spice into the equation.

10) Men Also Need Comfort. 
Men also feel sad, they feel hurt, and they cry as well even if tears will not be noticed. In the solitude of you two, hidden from the public; comfort your man, tell him everything will be alright, he is expecting comforting words from you.

11) Men Also Need to be Complimented.
Don't expect your man to be the one who should be generous with compliments because men also flourish on appreciation; go on dear lady, don't be quiet about his excellence, tell him what you love about him, that he looks and scents good, that there is no other man like him, that he is romantic and amazing say it as you mean it.

12) Men Also Need A Romantic Massage.
It is a woman's dream to have a man who'll be easy to give her massages; when she comes home from a long day, he rubs her shoulders, massages her feet, and tends to her tension when she is pregnant. But men have anxieties too, let your feminine hands eliminate those splashes of tension.

13) Men Also Need A Spouse Who Can Initiate Lovemaking.
It is often assumed that men think about lovemaking continually and so it is up to the man to start it. But lady, your spouse will love it when you take control once in a while. Make him think and feel it from you, get him in the way; you know where to touch or click to make him rise to the occasion. He needs to know you want his intimacy just as much as he wants you.

14) Men Also Need To Be Cared For.
The gentleman's specialty to do is to expect the woman's needs and meet them. The ladylike thing to do is to expect the man's necessities and meet them; cater to his needs or desires, he is your big baby in the house.

15) Men Also Need That Surprise Phone Call Or Love Text.
Women usually look at their phones waiting for the man to call or ask him "You haven't called me in two days now". But men also love surprise calls and texts from a loving woman; who reaches out to them and puts a smile on his face. Instead of misunderstanding him for not calling you, call him.

16) Men Also Need Faithfulness In Every Area Of Relationship And Marriage.
Some people believe that a huge percentage of men are promiscuous but men also want their women to be faithful because it's for their good. 

17) Men Also Need Assurance of Love.
Humans in general get easily jealous. When a man is just like a woman, he doesn't want to feel insecure but needs the woman to allay their fears in a way that says 'It's only you I love among every man I know. I am not going anywhere, years down the line you are always the one I love'.

18) Men Also Need Financial Assistant and needs.
Is not bad to expect that the man is to be the major provider, with many people saying 'His money is our money, my money is my money'. But sometimes a man can hit financial hurdles and needs an understanding woman. And even if a man is wealthy, it means a bunch when the woman is a partner who says 'Sweetie, for this I will sort it out, we are a team'.

19) Men Also Need To Be Asked 'How Was Your Day?'
Women expect the man to want to find out how their day has been and if they are okay. It will loving and romantic of you when you also aspire to find out how your man has been during the day.

20) Men Also Need To Be Rescued When In Danger.
Men are anticipated to be constantly strong, to be powerful, and agile all the time, keep it jointly, and have responses. But sometimes men misplace their way, men get crushed down by life challenges, and sometimes men need to be saved. If you wish him to be Superman to you every day, be Superwoman to him as well; he is only human just like every other person, no matter how difficult things may look, show him that you are his help mate. Choose from the list above and enjoy the blessing of your marriage. 

Be each other's support system it will keep love alive in your relationship and marriage.

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