22 Prayers To Pray For Your Relationship Or Marriage.

1) Lord teach me to value lovemaking and hold it sacred so that I will be physically, emotionally, and intimately faithful to my partner.

2) Lord teach me to understand my partner and his or her past and upbringing and utilize me as a vessel to mold my spouse to be better.

3) Lord, teach me to always be forbearing with my partner and celebrate even the small progress we make or he or she puts together. You who began a reasonable work in my partner and us will be trustworthy to complete it.

4) Lord before I anticipate my partner to act a specific way, let me practice and live up to those anticipations.

5) Lord, help me to be inviting, peaceful, and friendly sufficiently for my partner to confide in me and appreciate talking with me.

6) Teach me to not just speak, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge to my spouse but to speak it with a fair tone so that the wisdom You give me may be well accepted.

7) Lord teach me to be susceptible enough to hear the silent cries of my partner and pick up the secret battles my partner is struggling with in life. 

8) If ever I do bad to my partner, let your Holy Spirit in me correct me and equip me with the grace for me to transform for good.

9) Help my partner to understand me better at all times. Please don't allow me to be lonely and frustrated with someone.

10) Father in heaven, teach my hubby and me to unlearn and leave behind any practice, contaminants, foul discussion, or improper intimate behavior we picked up from our former relationships.

11) Father, teach me not to live in anxiety and stereotype or intolerance against my partner based on how others harmed me in the past. Please help me to heal.

12) God in heaven, use me to support my partner to get well. Let me be a calming, secure, healing voice for my companion.

13) Jehovah, handle my tongue when I am about to say something painful or unfair to my partner.

14) Jesus, teach me to regulate my anger and not to make life uneasy for my partner.

15) Lord allow my spouse and I to have several good times maximum of laughter, joy, smiles, and pleasant memories.

16) Oh God, aid my spouse and me not to contend with others or covet what others have. Assist us in distinguishing which seasons we are in, whether the season for sowing, ordeals, breakthroughs, rebirth, or promotion.

17) Father Lord, help my hubby and me to work out disagreements maturely and fast so that we don't extend the disharmony and mess up our love.

18) Jehovah Yahweh, use our love to improve and execute our goal. Assist me to understand and support my partner's future, objectives, talents, and enterprise.

19) Lord Jesus Christ, support us both to contribute financially to our objectives in life and to our marriage. Help us to appreciate and respect each other's assistance for we do this as a team.

20) Lord God in heaven help us to create wiser financial determinations so that money will not tear us apart. Enable us not to fall into debt. Assist us to create prosperity and to be a blessing to others around us. 

21) Father teach us to pardon and to correct with love whenever we are offended.

22) Jehovah Yahweh, keep me from bending my partner into a deity that stands in between You and me. My relationship with You comes preferably first. Help me to grow nigher to you no matter the challenges of life. 

Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers.

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