5 Quick Ways To Get Over Your Past Memories That Are Making You Feel Pain In Your New Relationship.

Oftentimes in life, we are victims of certain choices we made in the past. And for every choice that you make, there is a consequence for it now or later. 

Many people have been victims of failed relationships, dating relationship heartbreak, unpleasant marriages, terrible experiences from one's upbringing, and the like. 

But in the case of a love relationship, have you gotten over your past encounter with your former lover? Getting over your past doesn't necessarily mean you need someone in your life immediately to help you handle it. The mistake many people usually make is to go into another relationship immediately with the pain, emotional hurt, and scars of the past still new in their minds. 
Believing this new relationship will help you is like putting your wounded finger into your pocket which can cause you more pain and you will not be healed this way, you need to be healed from the past by following these tips as they will help you. 

What You Need To Do To Get Over The Past Is To: 
1) Pray for God To Heal You Through His Word. God's Word heals and delivers from destruction of all kinds. You may cry yourself out or react the way you want but in the end, what is God saying to you in that situation is what matters. 
All you require to obtain God's Word is to go back to Him in repentance because a lamb will be at the mercy of wolves unless he leaves the fold. 
Like the prodigal son, take the bold step to return to the Father. Life is truly better within the embrace of God rather than suffering and dying in silence, thinking your method will help you. 
Do you want to be healed from your past? Go back to God! 

2) Forgive Yourself. When you're back with God, He will help you to forgive yourself. You can enjoy a new relationship if all you do is to keep blaming yourself for the mistakes you made. "Telling yourself I wish I know will not help you, what will help you is having a positive mindset toward a new relationship. "Your past is not you and should not determine who you are", "Though, I tumble, I shall finally rise again", "I am not what my past made me feel, "I am who God says I am and that is what I believe". Forgive yourself so that you can easily forgive the person who brought you into the terrible experience. 

3) Forgive The Person That Hurt You. You need to forgive the person who hurt you or made you experience that terrible past. If you don't forgive them, you are putting them in a bad position in the chambers of your heart, and the new person whom you are in a relationship with will bear the disadvantages of your anger, remember the person is not the cause of your pain, let him or her not suffer for they did not do. 
When unforgiveness is there, you'll always refer to what the new person says or does to how you were treated in the past and this would be extremely tough for you to enjoy the happiness that the new relationship should carry. Have you truly let go of your heart who put you through all you went through in the past? Ask God to help you! 

4) Love, Accept And  Celebrate Yourself. An adage says that Love covers a multitude of sins. Despite what happened to you, love yourself more than the mistakes that you have made. Accept who you should be and not cringe on what your past made you. Loving yourself entails that you love the person you are, not with the eye of the past but with a perception of who you should become. 
It is when you love yourself that you can move on in life. But if you don't, you will remain tied to your past either emotionally, mentally, or psychologically and that's backwardness. 
Life can only be beautiful when you love yourself despite the challenges it throws at you. 

5) Move On With Your Life. To get over your past in life is to move on. Yes, move on! You can't forge ahead in life when you dwell on your past or you keep blaming yourself for the mistakes you made. And how you treat your past depends on what becomes of your lot now and in the future.
Stop nurturing the discomfort of the past relationship or be bound down to it. Move on with your life happily in your new relationship! Pardon yourself for your past mistakes. Forgive anyone who hurt you. 

Allow God to heal you because that is what you presently need. You are not defined by your past mistakes in the relationship, you are what God says you are and that is final!
Remain blessed as you heal from the inside.

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