8 Purpose Of A Relationship Before Getting Married.

Don't go into a relationship without knowing the true meaning and purpose of the relationship you are going through. Don't go into a relationship with someone you are not sure of settling down with in marriage. The objective of every relationship is to see someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life within a marriage, not just someone who will feed you and take care of your other needs. 

Please don't get it all mistaken, a man needs to take care of his lady but this should come as a desired will not a necessity in a relationship but in marriage. Lovemaking is also not by pressure but by choice for pleasure. You don't go into a dating relationship to misuse your time and resources. Don't date for just physical materials. You don't date because everyone is in a relationship so you want to be there as well. And You don't furthermore date because you are lonely. Have a life around you, such as a job or business, and ambitions before you talk about a relationship.

Having voiced about an intimate relationship,  what variety of individuals you should date?

1) Be in a Date relationship with someone who helps you and believes in your vision.
2) Be in love with someone who puts up with your happiness as his or her primacy. Such a person will never easily hurt you.

3) Go for someone who cares for you: With such a somebody you will not beg for love and attention while in the relationship.

4) Be with an individual ready for marriage and not a wedding which is just a one-day event that does not determine how happy your marriage will be.

5) Date a mature person and not a mature body because there is a big difference between physical or muscle maturity and being mentally, spiritually,  and intellectually mature. Someone who can help you to handle and manage marital challenges because it will, prepare you that life is full of challenges. 

6) Be with somebody who comprehends when you are financially broke and will still respect and care for you without complaining that you are a burden to them.

7) Be with someone who is always proud to have you, not someone who feels he or she is doing you a favor in dating you.

8) Date someone who will see your potency in your deficiency. Everyone does not have equal strength in life, so being with someone who will not let you down when your strength can not perform as expected is very crucial. 

Above all, date someone willing to support you no matter how small they can afford to, a man or a lady that support, tolerate, appreciate, respect, and value you when you are down with life challenges. A dating relationship is to assist each other in accomplishing a goal in life even while planning for marriage and not one-sided because love is given and taken.
What can you offer in a relationship with your man and with your woman?
Think before you start dating somebody. Don't be the reason why someone's child is crying and lamenting all day about being in a relationship or start thinking that true love does not exist.

Prepare to be happy in your relationship by playing your role, remember it's in your hand.

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