8 Things You Should Know Before You Become A Husband.

You have no business looking for a wife or brother if you lack this quality:

1) Great Vision. 
You know precisely where you are heading and how to get to that place. If you don't know where you are going in life, how can anyone support you in reaching that destination? As a man you are the leader, your wife follows your lead. If you are mentally blind and can't see the road, you will end up as a failure in your marriage; this includes marital crises. Get a good, sound vision for your life before you become a husband. 

2) You Have A Good Job Or Business. 
You must work hard and get paid for your services. If the employment is not paying nicely, look for another one to replace it. If you can't get another one, pray for God to intervene. If you still don't get a job, create products and services that will bring in extra money to your family. Do not be mentally, and physically lazy to the extent that you do not want to do anything extra to make more money. The God who sees your faithfulness genuinely will help you, prayer and hard work will certainly bless and promote you! I heard the story of a graduate who worked as a gateman for a company because there was no job. He was very, loyal, trustworthy, and hardworking till his boss called him and inquired about his qualifications, the man was stunned and employed him right away, and in no time, he became an executive in the company. What if he decided to sleep at home because there was no job?

3) YOU ARE Intelligent. 
You discuss with wisdom and act in understanding. It is wise to fear the Lord "The fear of the Lord is the inception of wisdom as the Bible says." Without wisdom, it will be difficult to navigate the challenges of life. 

4) You Have Patience. 
It puts up with a patient man to be married. Every honorable woman is made by God and her husband who supported her to be who she is. Your patience and tolerance will make your wife a beautiful and loving woman. 

5) You Understand And Can Meet The Desires Of A Woman. 
A woman needs a quantity of admiration, honest communication, economic provision, love and faithfulness, and responsibility to the household and loves to be delighted and fulfilled in marriage with her man, God will help you conquer this. 

6) Support her dreams. Remember she may have decided how her life would be before she got married to you and may have already started the journey so one of the best ways to show her love is to support her vision or you can be her director if you know and understands what she wants more and better than she does.

7) You Have Self-Control. 
Self-discipline is a priceless quality of tremendous men. The capacity to control your intimacy, and hunger for not eating anything that you see outside your home, always in control of your temper, and flesh is the hallmark of an incredible husband and you will inevitably appreciate marital happiness. Lack of self-control is one of the leading reasons for divorce around the world.

8) Neatness. One of the signs of maturity is neatness both at home and in public places. Keep yourself neat if you want to attract an elegant woman in your life. Take care of your haircut, your suits or jackets, and your shoes, wear colors that match and are not of color, and look attractive and presentable. 

Men are at all times awesome! Formulate this godly quality and watch your woman fall completely in love with you. Women marry men who have outstanding, and tremendous qualities. You are loved!

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