The 9 Ways You Can Give Your Woman A Heartfelt Love.

At times some men are misunderstood for not loving their women but the truth is that Many men out there love their women but do not know the means to express and outlet that love.

Men naturally are loving beings just as God said in the Holy book "Husbands love your wife as Christ loves the church". In history, we record men dying for love since it's their nature to give in love to a woman in their lives but sometimes we fail to show that love.

1) Be Present in her life as someone who loves her. If you truly believe you love her be present in her life with your love. Show up in times of need and pain even joy and happiness this will make her feel your love around her.

2) Passionate. When you truly love your woman then show some passion to her; not just interest like you just like her beautiful nature. Be passionate about her life progress; her well-being in general; your discussions; and your physical affection show send some intimate messages to her. Passion positively means being joyful and not acting like you are forced to be with her.

3) Publicity. If you want to show how greatly you love your lady then embrace her in the presence of others, and let the world around you see her; at least once a decade post her pics on Facebook or any other social media of your choice; you can use it as profile status; use her as a screen saver that is good too; and walk with her in open public spaces with your hand on her shoulder. Women feel more appreciated when they are not hidden by the person who says he loves them.

4) Cooperation. If you want her to notice your affection then allow her to be your supporter. Develop an inter-dependence connection with her. Even if you know you can do some things alone ask her and allow her to do that thing for you. Permit her to select some clothes for you; determine your life to an extent and lovingly seek her opinion; so will say choose this and that. Give her that ability in your life for her to feel needed and valuable.

5) Privacy. Every man loves his aloneness so much, but remember that too much privacy can eliminate intimacy with your woman. You should unlock your world to a small extent for her to see into it and feel you. Let her know your source of income and how much you earn from it; your past life before you met or fell in love with her; your nicknames when you were young and now you are mature; your life before came in connection with her; your all you that you called private remember she is your partner.

6) Advancement. When a man believes he loves a woman needs to nurture her to the level of a wife or even a certain amount of commitment towards her to make her believe who you said you are in her life. Your love cannot be noticed by your lady if you still have her at the underside of your life like a footnote regard in a paragraph.

7) Recognition. At times ladies fight for recognition that they fight for anything. She can feel less loved especially when she has no recognition in the relationship. Give her the recognition to decide some things in your life. Your love can be hidden and clasped back by a power struggle so give chance to prove her love for you. Give your woman some authentication to see how much you love her and trust her with that responsibility.

8) Pampering her with love. One of the things some men fail to keep up with is the notion of pampering their women with a love of different kinds such as sweet and romantic names. She will feel not loved when she is not given things she loves and enjoys for her pleasure and happiness. Women can be pampered differently depending on their priorities going by their love language. Get to know how to make her happy. 

9) Pray for her and with her. Loving your partner can go beyond physical activity. Your spiritual journey has to build and grow while loving your partner the way you should. You should introduce and facilitate with your partner to your spiritual journey. Don't make your spouse feel less loved because all they see is the physical molecules impediment of love which can be both ways than inner spiritual intimacy that creates friendship in life.

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