List Of 27 Marriage Advice From The Elderly Couples.

Is impossible for a marriage to succeed without prior knowledge or guidance from those that already there before you because they have experience more than you do. Whether you are already married or intend to marry, take advantage of this guidance or advice while you prepare for a successful happy marriage. This is the List Of 27 Marriage Advice From The Elderly Couples. 

1) Marriage is not for quitters but for those who always want positive things to happen in their environment. 

2) You will feel proud of yourself looking back to some years ago knowing that you honoured your vows in marriage with your spouse. 

3) If you engage yourself rightly in marriage, it will bring out the best things in you and your spouse. 

4) Lovemaking and intimacy are crucial but not these are not the only things in a marriage that can you happy. 

5) When you are younger, make love as much as you can with your partner, and enjoy it together. A time is coming when all you have are memories to share with your loved ones. 

6) Friends will come and go, and you will understand so numerous people as a married person, but keep your spouse your priority at all times in as much as God made it possible for you to grow old together. 

7) Don't stay jointly for children, ultimately, they will leave you two when they have become adults and start their own lives. What will you have to keep? So always be there for your spouse. 

8) Growing old doesn't imply you cannot make your partner feel unique, keep making his or her heartbeat for the feelings you have for him or her. 

9) Do not harden your heart for emotional feelings, otherwise, the marriage will be a great burden for you. 

10) Do not hold resentment, otherwise, stress could destroy your happiness. 

11) Even though you are married to the person you admire and cherish, don't ignore building yourself, and work on your goals as a person.

12) Not every guidance from third parties is good advice. Discern before you accept and put it into action. 

13) Love your husband or wife the best way you can, not as a reward to your partner for treating you right as expected or not, but because you have personally chosen to do it as part of something that gives you joy. 

14) It is not for you to say you are a good husband or wife to your partner but for your spouse to say I have a good husband or wife to you both at home and in public. You will feel fulfilled when it's done this way. 

15) Don't work too tough going after money to the extent of endangering your life. Your wife needs you, your children need you as well so while you are making efforts to feed them remember to take care of your safety. 

16) Praying for your hubby is one of your responsibilities that you cannot delegate to another person both in and outside your home. 

17) Start each day with prophetic, positive words and the tone of the day will be good and blessing to you and your family. 

18) Don't be frightened about aging, be frightened about aging without a goal or a legacy in mind to leave for your children. The fact remains that you would get old so you should not be worried about it. 

19) As you labor, think about retirement after being in the field of work. Save money as possible as you can, invest your money into a profitable business, and plan for your future because you can not be young forever. You will not always have the energy you have now so the best time to prepare for your future is now. 

20) To the men, don't disengage yourself from your children as they grow up, even if they are in boarding schools. If you do it now that you are young and vibrant, you will want them close to you in your old age but they will find it difficult to bond with you. 

21) To the Mothers, don't hurt your children with unpleasant words no matter how angry you may be. Your verbal wounds to your children's lives are difficult to heal from in their destinies. Speak positive things into the lives of your children. Remember what you sow in your younger days of marriage in the lives of your children, you will reap in your older days from them. 

22) Marriage is possible and can be successful, joyous, and filled with happiness if the two people involved work on it. 

23) You may pretend to the external world that you are happy in your marriage but behind locked doors, you and your spouse know the true state of your marriage. Stop covering up in the public that all is well in your marriage, instead build an avenue for true love in your home. 

24) Every marriage has dark areas because life is full of challenges so marriage has challenges too but the wise couple keeps the light of love on in their marriage. 

25) If you feel like resigning from your marriage via any means possible to you; step back a bit, breathe in emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, be precise and most likely you will acknowledge you don't have to quit. Don't always trust sentiments, wait for them to unveil before making a decision. 

26) One day you will provide a report to God for how you behaved toward your spouse, may God be pleased with you, simply put, always be good and positive with your partner. 

27) In marriage only you and your spouse will determine the success, happiness, and growth of your marriage so it's important to work as teammates to achieve these things. What an advantage it is to have lived having cared for and been loved by someone special to you.

Be the champion others would like to emulate in their marriages. Be the light they would use to see how beautiful a marriage can be. 

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