Marriage is good and honorable, but why has getting married become a hurdle and the last thing in the minds of 50% of young people?

The number of the married is almost proportional to the unmarried. 
People getting married are somewhat equal in numbers to those leaving their marriage.
The match is almost equal in their rate.  
The trend in the media epitomizing the crash in marriages daily fuels the choice of many ignorant youths in this institution called marriage.

Many have it wrong. 
Marriage is sweet and bitter. Marriage is bittersweet. 
The success and sweetness of marriage sometimes depend on how we handle the bitter(challenging) days. Marriage has its ups and downs.
The sharing of love, forgiveness when we offend the other partner, tolerance when we have excesses, and The show of concern and care when we feel hurt, are what a true marriage entails.

These events happen to both partners at different times. The other partner absorbs this correctly. It's not a reason anyone should dread marriage or try to leave when the days of bitterness surface 
The whole event of marriage is a mix of good and bad experiences. It has sweetness and bitterness, but it depends on the two partners to make it appear sweet at all times.

Amidst this bitter experience, marriage can still be enjoyed in full. No need to be afraid. You can get married, you can enjoy your marriage, and be happy. 
Like the book of Proverbs says, "There is time for everything ", In marriage, there's certainly time for bitter and sweet experiences. 

That's what marriage entails.
Wish you all a happy and sweet marriage 

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