One of the things that makes marriage and relationship beautiful, awesome, happy, in unity, loving, and admired by others is when you play your role in your marriage in the life of your partner whether physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. One tree does not make a forest so your work is needed as much as your partner's efforts too. As a loving wife, the list below will guide you to always make your husband happy, and in return, you will enjoy him loving you.

1. Welcome HIM WITH A Grin when he returns home from work. Try not to welcome him with a scowl, or a rundown of things to do, or a quarrel because of things he didn't do before leaving the house. Make him always want to come back to you.

2. Get HIM SOMETHING TO WEAR that is to his taste: Whether a tie, a belt, a shirt, a wristwatch, cologne, and such. Something that each time he wears it, he will think about you more. Men love it when that special woman makes them look great and smell pleasant.

3. PRAY FOR HIM WHILE HE IS TO YOU. Any man will be lowered by that attitude, a whole lot of men love a praying wife, especially the ones that pray for them. That is one of the signs that you want his spiritual well-being in the marriage and his life in general.

4. PRAISE HIM Before THE Kids. Say to them "Your father is an amazing man" Truly he is. He will have a real sense of reassurance and be in charge at home by doing everything to put a smile on your face and the faces of the children. Everyone including men likes appreciation so do it for him.

5. STRAIGHTEN HIS TIE. Offer to not only unbuckle his belt when undressing him to make love but also to buckle it when he is dressing up to go to work. This shows you love him for more than lovemaking.

6. RANDOMLY SEND HIM A MESSAGE TO HIS Telephone letting him know something special like "I'm glad to be yours", "There's no other man I would prefer to be with". A man in affection wants to get that from the one he is enamored with

7. Get HIM A BOOK THAT WILL Fabricate HIM, a book he sees will make him a great man. A book on legislative issues, or governance, or business, or inspiration, or spiritual development; whatever his advantages or needs are. This shows him you are worried about his development

8. TAKE HIM OUT ON A DATE SOMETIMES. Ask him when he is free and treat him like a king he is to you. Dates are not just for the men to plan alone for or with their loving wives. Pamper him now and again so he will always remember that you love him.

9. Figure out HIS Favorite MEAL AND PREPARE IT Frequently. Plunk down and eat with him after preparing the food. Men like being near to the one they eat with, if possible romantically feed him, which is a sign of love.

10. KISS HIS CHEEK. Indeed, the kiss on the lips is the most important; however, there is something honest and assuring about a kiss on the cheek

11. ORGANIZE HIS LIFE. If there is one thing a woman is great at, it's organization. Be that wife or the woman he admits "I don't have the foggiest idea what I would manage without you. With you in my life, everything falls in as I wanted it".

12. Try not to Spruce UP SO WELL WHEN YOU LEAVE the house yet dress inadequately when privately with him. Your greatest center ought to be to appeal to his eyes in private.

13. Affectionately ASK HIM FOR ASSIST OCCASIONALLY in any event, when you are with canning do it without help from anyone else. Men love to feel required, similar to they are legends.

14. Become a close acquaintance with HIS Companions. Try not to battle them. Show him that you know your situation in his life and that you are above his companions to rival them. Try not to withdraw from them, make appearances that will make his companions affirm to him how he is honored to have you.

15. Let him know YOU Have confidence IN HIM in everything and at all times in taking care of the needs of the family. You put stock in his ability to find an answer when he feels stuck or when tempests come. You may not offer him guidance but rather this trust in him will motivate him

16. BE THE Wellspring OF HIS PEACE. In all, you do remember to ask yourself "Am I giving him peacefully?" Men frequently start wars among nations and outside homes however ladies frequently start wars at home when their expectations are not met, when they feel hurt, or when they want to make a statement. Lady, regardless of whether he does everything the way you want; making his experience with you lack peace, giving him quiet treatment, giving him your jeers, banging of entryways, briskness, and squabbling won't make him improve; all that will truly do will make him avoid being near you.

Make him know that you love him and you are ready to make the marriage a happy one. No happy marriage today was made possible by the efforts of only one partner, is done and achieved when you both do your jobs with your best efforts.

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