Unrecognized Things A Man Should Do For Beloved Wife.

Some responsibilities and love gestures don't get evangelized frequently, but very much required for a good husband to his good wife. Those things are listed below; 

1) If she's an expectant mother, apply for a day's leave in your place of work or absence from your office, or take a vacation from your busy schedule and accompany her to antenatal care. It's usually a long day so be ready to stay with her through the process and assist her in getting from one Doctors office to the other. It doesn't have to be every moment she proceeds to the clinic, just create time, even for one experience. 

2) Also while you are there with her you should not be angry when she's asking you to help fetch her folder from the nurses, standing in the long queue for her, holding her handbag, buying lunch for both of you, and also paying the little bills required. You cannot be angry dear sir, it takes two to carry a pregnancy, when you were getting her pregnant you didn't know?

3) Go with her to the salon when she needs to have her hair done, at least once in a while on those Saturdays when your favorite team is not playing. 

You may not know what this does to a woman, but frankly speaking from experience, the way she walks will change when she enters the saloon with you, that good vibe of "my handsome husband came with me today to make my hair". All eyes are on you as you sit in the back watching her having her hair done by a specialist.

The best part is she will deliberately want to turn on a discussion with you, oblige her, please. She is so proud of you for coming with her and she wants to show you off to the ladies at the salon. 

4) Also, while you are at the salon with her, if she plans to have her hair done only, ask the attendant to do her nails and pay for it. Your love thermometer will increase the feelings she has for you. These are some of the things that get to a woman's heart before you add some nice pair of shoes later. 

5) Those moments when she cannot do something she desperately wants to get done, covering up for her is everything to a woman. 

Take for example if your wife wants to wash the dishes but she's very tired and falls napping, you can tiptoe into the kitchen and tidy things up on her behalf, Don't inform her you have done it, pretend like the dishes are still there and the kitchen is still in a mess. When she wakes up with that expectation to clean the kitchen but finds everything neat and tidy she'll pray for you from her heart.
This is so relieving for a woman.

Should I also add that if you took your time to wash those stubborn pots she could even baptize you with joy? You know men can wash anything but not those pots, e.g. ME. I can wash everything in the sink but those pots? I'll just soak them in the dishwasher and disappear. 

To love a woman is not that difficult, you are the one just trying to be a hard man for nothing.

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