What It Means To Be The Head Of Your Family As A Man.

Many men love to lay claim to being the head of the home, but the head of the home is not a title but a responsibility. Being the head of the home means you doing the following things listed below:

1) Staying trustworthy to your one wife as the only woman in your life. Don't break your home with infidelity instead lead by example. 

2) Promoting and maintaining a partnership with your wife for the good of your family. Some men destroy the spirit of cooperation in their marriage by not involving their wives in decision-making because they think that only one person can make a marriage successful, successful marriages are products of teamwork. Being a leader in the family doesn't mean you know and understand everything or you make all decisions alone, but that you give the right direction and atmosphere where well-thought-out decisions can be created.

3) Praying for your family, yourself, your wife, and your children without seeing it as a tedious task. How can you be the head and not led by good example, is important to note that you are the head and leader of your family both physically and spiritually as well. 

4) Treat your wife the woman of your children appropriately because the wife dictates the disposition of the house. If she is treated inadequately, the mood in the home becomes dull, cold, sapping, and undesirable so making her happy means your home will be filled with happiness.

5) Don't always come up with a vision for the family without the partnership of your wife. Where will you live 20 years from now, which schools will the children go to for both primary and tertiary education? What growth will be attained as a family 20 years from now? While making these decisions remember you have your wife as a helpmate, work with her as a team so the intellectual and emotional task will not be hard for you to deal with. 

6) Providing for the family's needs, and if your wife is earning a salary or has a passive income, then being the head and leader involves you encouraging and helping her job and contribution as well as making sure that money is utilized well. Take it that you are her director. 

7) Spending a satisfactory time at home with your family, that's your wife and children. How can you be the captain of a house to which you are likely a guest? Be involved in the things that happen in your family by creating time to spend time together with your family. 

8) Modelling your kids to know how adults behave, how problems are solved without wholly depending on someone else to assist them all the time, and what it means to grow up as an adult which is a process. That part of being a father. 

9) Allowing God to reign in the home by being a good prayer leader and intercessor. Spiritual nurturing is not for mothers alone. The Lord's reign is best in the homes where both husband and wife are submitted to God as their overall leader. Teach your children Godly ways by being Godly remember they are watching your footsteps in life.

10) Lead your family to protect your home from enemies within and outside, even from people you have called your friends, intruders, and women who try to take advantage of your family's happiness. 

11) Prospering outside your dwelling place. Safeguard the virtue and reputation of your name because your home and family carry your name both in your presence and absence, is important to make people believe positive things about your family.

12) Delivering leadership through kind service. Leadership is not posing on the couch, legs lifted while you watch television programs, and giving instructions. Leadership means helping out with the duties, serving your wife particularly when she is exhausted because of the daily tasks or pregnant with your child, getting your hands on dirty clothes as you play with the youngsters, and doing further than what is expected of you at home is part of what makes a father and a leader, you lead by showing example.
13) Being intelligent enough to walk away from anything that will bring conflict between you and your wife, choosing not to allow any misunderstanding to lead to conflict, you can control your anger and choose peace. Maintaining peace at home is important and you as the head of the family should lead by example. 

14)  No child should feel like a black sheep, unwanted, a burden, or that dad is favoring one child over another; whether that child is biologically yours or not.

15) Being functional in seeking solutions at home because you are your family dependent. Whenever crises or difficulties knock on the entrance of your home, stand up as a man, and find solutions to those difficulties. Problems will not solve themselves but when you take action there will be immediate solutions.

16) Disciplining your child or children with love and care. Do not infuse fear in them. Correct with love and example. Open the eyes of your child or children to be able to discern between right and wrong at all times that's part of the things they learn from you. Like the father of the Prodigal Son in the bible, let your arms of unconditional love be open always for your children and family in general.

17) Cover your child when they make mistakes and keep them from making mistakes in the future. Sometimes we get angry at our children for the mistakes they made, but we do not give them teaching and the capacity to navigate through issues as they grow into maturity. You are angry that the child is squandering your money, or failing you where you expect him or her to be excellent yet you don't cover them by protecting them from themselves. We expect our children to view things like us but we leave them independently to find the way as they grow; you have more years of experience than your child. 

Give guidance even when not raised a question because children often don't know how to ask for advice or if they need advice.

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