What To Do When The Person You In Relationship With Is Ignoring You.

If you have been in a relationship for at least 6 months with your significant other. You should be able to know when your lover is ignoring you or playing games with your emotional feelings towards them. 

Intimacy is one of the evidence of love when someone loves you they want to communicate all the time with you, that's intimacy.

Hubby calls back whenever I call and he wasn't on the phone at that time. He would like to find a way to reach out to me. He could use someone else's phone or send a text if he couldn't call me for any reason. That is respect and love as well. 

Courtship is an exciting stage of life where you should always talk with the person you have in mind to get married with, chat uncountable times, communicate at all times and long to be with each other because by this you know more about each other. You should thrill them so much that they love to talk to you every day. They should respect, admire, and value you so much that they pick up your calls or call back immediately should the person were not available when you called. 

If communication is building up cold, they are HABITUALLY ignoring you, not picking up calls, calling back, or responding to your conversations on social media when they are online, you may think of ending the relationship because the flame of love is waxing cold. It simply means you may no longer be needed by your lover or maybe you have been replaced.

Save your personality, self-respect, and self-worth, and move back! Never push yourself on a man/woman. It is called 
desperation! Never be in a hurry to get married you allow all structures of disrespect and emotional harm in the name of tolerance and endurance! That is no longer love you are seeing but absent-minded! Don't allow anyone to bend you into a puppet in the name of a marital affair. You are a human being that should be loved, honored, respected, and valued. 

Of course, there could be exceptional cases where a partner is sick, depressed, or in a troubled situation that's understandable because it will not last for months. You know this is caused by circumstances not out of habit or desire to hurt you. You should know your partner well enough to know when they are ignoring you or in trouble and urgently needs your help.

If the person is alive, hale, and healthy yet ignoring your calls and wouldn't call back, you may need to end the 
relationship! Everything can't be fine yet they keep ignoring you! A sign that they are emotionally pushing you away from their side. 

My counseling sessions are filled with heartbroken and frustrated singles who didn't pick the signals on time till their partner closed the door on them permanently. That can shatter anyone's self-esteem. That will not be your experience in Jesus' name but you should know when the red flag is up and flying.

Wisdom is profitable to direct in life. Get wisdom and your life will be full of joy and peace.

May the good Lord grant you understanding in all your endeavors.

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