10 Specialties Every Mother Especially The New Mothers Should Know About Their Babies.

Motherhood comes with enormous responsibilities at different stages of life and child upbringing. But you don't have to worry as this post will help you to navigate those areas as you get to them one after the other. 

1. If your child is always crying when a specific person Carries him or her keep a close eye on that person causing children to see more.

2. If your newborn keeps crying and looking at a particular place turn your baby's Face away from there it means the baby is seeing something scary to him or her. 

3. Don’t leave your newborn in a dark room even if you are coming back in a minute to avoid an unpleasant memory in the life of the child.

4. If your husband hurts you don't cry while carrying your baby, and don’t let your tears touch your child this is because as the child's brain is still young any event can be retained in his or her memory and it has impacts in their lives.

5. Don’t carry a newborn baby to the market until the child is up to 3 months old because not everyone you see in the market is human, spirit comes to the market as well.

6. If your child is crying at night and you have accomplished everything within your power to stop the baby from crying but still the baby does not stop, change that baby's sleeping position, it could be that the baby is not comfortable with the way he or she was kept on the bed. If after this the baby is still crying try to bathe the baby it may be that the weather is too hot for him to comfortably sleep that night. 

7. If an aged individual is unhealthy don’t take your child there or if someone just died and the corpse is around don’t take your newborn baby there. In Africa, newborns are believed to be spirits, and keeping the baby away from this kind of environment will prevent the baby from communicating with the spirits in this arena. 

8. Let there be not much conflict in the house the moment a new infant arrives because many children hate a problematic home.

9. After the child's dedication or any baby party make sure you present all the donations to a spiritual individual be a pastor, priest, etc, before you give that child any of the gifts to use. This will save the child from being given something that may endanger his or her life. 

10. Once in a time get a cash note and turn it over your child's head if you notice that the child has a great future so that no one will fiddle with your child's destiny use the money to purchase a good gift for the child. 

Apart from what is mentioned here is also important to always associate with elderly mothers, I mean those who have had different experiences in motherhood. Their knowledge added to your own will always help you to conquer challenges involved in child training and motherhood. 

May all expectant mothers deliver safely without complications? 
And May your home be sweet as honey

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