11 Ways You Can Attract Blessings In Your Marriage.

Is understandable that whatever happens or we want in life has something that attracts it. The same thing happens in marriage, some things will attract the blessing you want to see in your marriage because it can not take effect by magic. 

This brought us to the 11 Ways You Can Attract Blessings In Your Marriage. 

1. Honour your parents and parents-in-law regardless of their shortcomings and it will be well with you in that marriage because their blessings or positive spoken words matter for the good of your marriage. 

2. Aspire to always be united with your lover. Where there is harmony, God commands a blessing to flow. 

3. Permit the Holy Spirit to advance in your marriage. The Spirit comes with righteousness, stability of peace of mind, a joyous home, and many gifts as a Helper to make your marriage talk of the town. When you allow me to lead obstacles will easily be conquered. 

4. Pray and ask for blessings and favor. Perhaps you don't have the blessings because you don't request for them to be given to you. Jesus Christ made it clear in the book of Matthew chapter number 7 verse number 7 that we will receive when we ask and when we seek, we will find what we are seeking, when we knock on the door of blessing and favor, it will be open and in verse number 8 of the same chapter, he then said that those that ask will receive. I do not know what you want but provided is not for selfish interest, be rest assured that God will grant it to you. 
5. Have the right justifications. Whenever you do inquire of something, ask for blessings with the right rationales. God looks at your heart, not just your request, and also God knows what is best for you so ask believing that he will do it to your taste and best interest. 

6. Treat each other with fairness. Injustice will restrict your prayers from being answered by God. How you treat your partner is important because God doesn't dwell where there is injustice. Again treat your spouse how you would want them to reciprocate. 

7. Feel the lives of others, particularly those who can never settle you back; they will utter words of blessing upon your marriage. One of the best ways to do this is by giving without the person asking you to do it for them, a gift by surprise attracts I predicted blessing and favor. 

8. Act of Worship to God. This way the Lord God Almighty will colonize your marriage and where the Lord is, abundance of blessings of all kinds flow even to generations that were not born when you laid the foundation for success. 

9. Work and walk with Godly principles. Numerous blessings come to you as a couple, only when you observe the right principles. As for you and your family, choose the route of God so he can lead you. 

10. Thrive as a team. Some godsends will not reach you until you grow into them. Blessings come with obligations, are you willing to be accountable for the blessings you are dreaming of?

11. Assist each other in fulfilling the objective of your era. Your goal comes with its gifts from God, living it out opens them to come to you.

Continue to attract what you desire for your marriage, take this as a guide for you to achieve them. Every goal is achievable when there is consistent effort.

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