12 List Of Things That Can Make Your Marriage Boring And Unhappy.

So many times we are the pilot of our shattered Marriages; this is simply because some issues that need urgent attention were not attended to, and also misinformation about what marriage truly means and how to Model our marriage to be what we want it to be. Today, I will expose to us, those things that can make Marriage to be boring and unhappy. 

Check out the below list;

1) The Thought That Marriage Is A Hard Work. Bury the idea that Marriage is full of hard work or struggle, this belief will negatively affect your entire life. Is anyone interested in working for their entire life without enjoying it even a bit? Marriage is for your entire life until death separates you and your spouse. Start seeing Marriage as a world of its own, as a journey with your best friend. Is not bad for you to wish yourselves great things in your Marriage, and desire a great good vacation and holiday in beautiful places, you may not be ready financially for now but desiring it is not a bad thought, that's how Marriage should be, and not a place where you work for your entire life.

2) Unattended Family, Or Personal Issues. Avoid keeping records of issues or misunderstandings between you and your spouse, treat every issue immediately, attend to any discussion brought up by your spouse, and keep a list of offenses that will destroy your marriage right under your nose. Also, don't remind your spouse how many times you have forgiven him or her, you have forgiven simply means you have forgiven and moved on with life, you and your partner should be best of friends, that's how your marriage can be sweet.

3) You Are Rigid In Lovemaking. You don't try new methods of lovemaking, you are not flexible in the bedroom, you don't flirt with your spouse, and you cheat with the opposite gender as if unfaithfulness runs in your blood. Avoid these things because it's going to destroy your marriage in no time.

4) You guys hardly laugh with yourselves at home or in public places. No jokes, always with a serious and scary face. This will make your spouse not be close enough to have intimacy with you. Please stop it because you are not on a battlefield with your partner. Be happy with each other no matter what may be going on. 

5) Domestic Violence. You have reduced your conversation to only about bills, school fees, home chores, etc., instead of talking about romance, how good and beautiful your spouse is, and how loving you are to each other. Is not bad to talk about bills but that should not take more space in your Marriage.

6) You Are Not Dating Anymore. Just because you are married should not stop you from dating your spouse. For God's sake, keeping the flame of love alive by going to interesting places, going out for dinner, and surprising your spouse with breakfast in bed, is one of the awesome for married couples to celebrate love, do it. Go to movies holding hands as couples, and stop being a boring partner.

7) Over Spirituality. Just because you want to prove that you are a child of God, you have turned every conversation into spirituality. Please, your family is not a church, also there's a time for everything, when you are with your spouse, give him or her that attention as required, don't be boring with your spiritual life as if God made a mistake by making you who you so you can get married and replenish the earth.

8) Self-isolation. Don't isolate yourself from your friends. Make friends with people of like minds. Invite your couple of friends for a barbeque, or get-together party, host them in your house, and socialize with other couples while remaining faithful to your partner. Learn new things from them and add them to your Marriage and make yours a beautiful one, do these instead of silently killing your marriage.

9) Involving outsiders in your Marriage. Stop allowing someone outside your marriage to determine the fate of your marriage. Is not bad to seek the attention of a marriage counselor when necessary but not for your pastor, parents or friends to be championing the decision you make in your Marriage. You and your partner are old enough to make good decisions together as a couple and execute them for the good of your marriage. You are making your marriage to be boring if you make space for intruders.

10) Lack Of Stimulation. You don't give each new experience about love. You hardly dress your spouse for work, bathe together, eat together, or hold hands in public because you see these things as old-fashioned. When last did you kiss, or send a romantic message to your spouse? If you can't remember or you remember but it's been a long time, then your marriage is already boring.

11) Loneliness Of The Mind And Body. Do you know that you can be married, but you are still lonely? This can easily happen when you don't give attention to each other, you don't spend time together as a couple; either in public or private, always busy doing something on your own. You don't play together, not to talk about eating together romantically. When these things are missing in your Marriage or Relationship, consider That your union is boring.

12) Self-centered Attitude. It's so boring and disturbing to be married to a self-centered person. Someone who only cares for his or her welfare, thinking of how to be happy alone, is only concerned with the things that please him and only takes decisions that favor him. This type of marriage can be very boring. Don't engage in these attitudes; the impact is regrettable.

Enjoy your love life with your lover and don't forget to make God the pilot of your marriage.

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