14 Things We Need From Each Other In Marriage And Relationship.

At once view marriage just the way you have your two hands on your body. Remember that in so many situations your right hand needs the help of your left hand to get something done. In the same way, your left-hand needs the help of your right hand just to get things done the right way at the appropriate time. 

This article explains the 14 ways we need the same thing in our marriage. 

1. Both of them need respect from the other person. Yes, gentlemen, respect is not for one gender alone, is for all. 
2. Both of them need financial aid. Is impossible for any human being to say that he or she doesn't want financial help from anyone whether a relative or someone seeing for the first time who offers to help even if is through a business partnership or as a gift. So being in a marriage does not mean that one partner needs financial help more than the other person. 

3. Both of them need safety. Yes, ladies, as the man plays his part to make you secure both physically, emotionally, and mentally, marries you, and affirms you; he requires you to affirm him too. He is required to know that you are on his side, don't make him feel insecure.
4. Both of them need fondness. Yes, ladies, as you desire your man to recognize and compliment what you do, big and small; he too feels useful when you appreciate all that he does instead of thinking that he's the only one who should do great things for the good of the marriage or relationship.  

5. We all need passionate love from each other. Don't try and act macho and say they don't need love, what they want is respect but honestly, they are scared of losing the love of their partner. Truth is, a woman can demonstrate respect to a man because of his designation as a man but despise him in her heart, but a woman cannot love a man and not respect him. Be the one who is Championing the love in your marriage, you will see how your partner will shower you with love. 

6. Both of them need to be comprehended. There is nothing that aches as being judged or wrongfully blamed or concluded upon by the one you are with. I want you to understand that one of the most important thing in any successful marriage or marriage is understanding, allowing it to be one of the bedrock foundations of your marriage in very important. Don't judge your partner both in public or at home, most importantly verify the issue before addressing it.

7. Both of them hunger for faithfulness. Gentlemen, you will not wish for your wife to cheat on you or to accept another man as her second or third husband so why do the same to her? Ladies, would you like it for your man to emotionally get involved with another woman so why are you doing it with another man? If you want to enjoy happiness, and true love in your marriage faithfulness to your partner plays a major role in this. 

8. Both of them need to be informed "I love you" Both the man and the woman begin to notice when "I love you" is no longer said, they silently start to question if they are still loved by the other person. Love must not only be accomplished, it must also be spoken out. 

9. Both of them hunger to be checked up on. Ladies, it is unjust for you to always sit lovely waiting for the man to call, text, or raise a question such as how you are, he requires that care too. Be there for him even when he did not expect it. Show action as he accomplishes the same for you. Some men are silently being hurting and feeling alone yet they are in a relationship or married to someone they they have always loved and cherished

10. Both of you don't want to be harmed. No one, both man or woman wishes to feel physically or emotionally threatened. Don't make your partner feel unsafe with you. Be the shoulder they can lean on, the ear that is always open to hear from them, lovingly be part of their lives. 

11. Both of you desire to be apologized to. Swallow your pride and egoism and say sorry when she feels you have offended her. Don't wrap it up or justify it because you would relinquish your cool if she were to persecute you and show no remorse. Ladies do away with the act of behaving as if it is always the man guilty and you are constantly right. 

12. Both of them desire a partner who cares about their ambitions. There is nothing that harms you as spending all your life with an individual who doesn't care about what you care about doing or become in life. As a man and head of your family, find out your woman's ambition and support her in the best way you can do it. Ladies, don't make your man think you want him to quit all he is passionate about just to make you comfortable. 

13. Both of them need companionship as lovers. Perpetually is a very long time to spend with somebody you can't have a good discussion with. Don't make your partner struggle to communicate with you even if you are in another location. Healthy communication makes the bond of love for partners to grow every day. 

14. Both of them want trust. The relationship or marriage will proceed nowhere if you guys are not trustworthy, loyal, responsible, dependable, and don't trust each other. 

It has never been a gender specialty. Love is not a place to only think about oneself but a place to be selfless, to care for your partner how you want your partner to care for you. What you are doing to your spouse you are doing to yourself as well.

Always aspire to be a Light in your marriage.

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