14 Ways You Can Have A Successful Marriage.

The truth remains that as far as marriage is concerned nobody wants to be in a bad marriage or relationship, I can say that nobody goes into it without wishing themselves well but we should have it at heart that no good things come at ease, every happy, joyous, and successful marriage we see today are efforts of people who refused to accept that life challenges of different types has defeated their marriages. 

For you to experience the great marriage of your desire, you have to make the required efforts and achieve it. The list below can help you do it. 

1. Be faithful to your partner in every area not just about extramarital affairs. Extend it to another thing that may be put under your care for example money. 

2. Be responsible. Marriage mandates you to be held responsible for your actions. Accept your mistakes, be ready to correct your errors, and always take positive actions for positive results. What you plant in your marriage is what you are going to enjoy and it can happen at your young age or old age, only God knows when it will happen so plant wisely. 

3. Be willing to listen. Marriage requires you to give an ear to your spouse's thinking and opinions, you are required to be a good listener at all times. Don't forget that when you listen well you can be able to communicate well. 

4. Be willing to accept corrections because nobody is perfect. Marriage requires you to apologize and be rebuked when you are on the wrong side of decision-making, don't misunderstand it when you are corrected, accept and apologize. 

5. Be ready at all times to work in a team of two; marriage mandates teamwork if you want to achieve meaningful goals. Hope you are aware that only you can not make your marriage to be successful, that is why working as a team is required.

6. Be willing to be instructed; marriage is an opportunity to learn new and different things that you could not learn in the university. This includes how your partner makes a decision, the things he or she believes how they handle money, and their views when it comes to associating with other people. Be ready to be guided, learn, and be taught something new, don't forget that all this is because and not limited to the fact that you and your spouse came from different family backgrounds which has different culture and understanding of how things work. 

7. Be a Giver. Marriage is not just about good and promising things being done for you, it also involves you giving to your spouse in return. We should also know that in marriage there are things that are mandatory for us to give if the union flourishes, those things include genuine love, attention, care, healthy communication at all times without barriers, loyalty, submission, selfless service, and commitment. See these as the bedrock of happiness in your marriage because without the marriage your dream will not be achieved. 

8. Be a patient person. Marriage is a day-by-day process of the ups and downsides of life. Life itself is full of challenges likewise marriage as a holy matrimony faces challenges too but the best way to conquer these challenges is by working as a team of two and being patient with your partner believing that God is at the center of your marriage. Be patient while you always strategies for new glory. 

9. Control your tantrum. Marriage mandates self-control when you are unhappy, control yourself, and when you are happy control yourself as well. Don't blow up your partner's secrets in public just because he or she made you angry, neither should you allow your tongue to expose your hidden attitudes because you are angry. It's beautiful and rewarding to be self-controlled. 

10. A life of prayer. Marriage requires you to be alive in the spirit, be a prayer warrior for your family, and always be awake in the spirit to fight and defend your home against unknown attacks. Prayer also helps to unite your home,  apart from living a good or righteous life, prayer helps in making God to be in charge of your marriage. Make prayer a habit and you will enjoy it. 

11. Be willing to clarify yourself. Marriage mandates you to be accountable, to entrust your spouse with information whether they asked for it or not, provided it concerns you or them or even the marriage, in general, is important for your spouse to be aware so he or she would be guided should the information is needed in the future. 

12. Be directed by God and pray. Marriage from the beginning is God's idea for this it requires God's guidance if you want it to flourish. For example, if you want to enjoy electronic products you need to operate them with the manual written by the producer for you the consumer. In the same manner, if you want to enjoy your marriage you need to work and walk with God for you to succeed.  

13. Work on yourself. This Union called marriage needs you to improve yourself, who you are affects your spouse either negatively or positively. Aspire to improve in every area of your life as this has a lot to benefit you and your marriage in general. 

14. Be glad to forgive. In marriage, your imperfect, human husband or wife will not constantly do or say what is correct. Mistakes and errors are bound to happen, there will be offense because only God almighty in heaven is perfect and pure, this you are expected to forgive your partner even when there is no apology. It's important to know that keeping records of offenses done to you will hurt you more than you expected so the best decision is to forgive. 

Marriage is not for selfish and intellectually immature individuals. Marriage is not for boys and girls but for grown men and women who are ready to be committed and can take responsibility.

A wedding can look charming and it's a one-day event; marriage will demand your action and discipline and if you want it to be great and admired by others. 

Prepare for marriage more than you prepare for the wedding.

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