20 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid In Marriage While You Are Still Single.

Every single lady or man desires to marry someone who will not just make them feel special in the bedroom but also marry that man or woman who will make him or her feel special at all times, someone who will make you feel like a Queen and King, that person that will shower you with lots of love, care, attention, affection, and intimacy.

While expecting all these fantastic, awesome, and heart-tricking attributes from your spouse, it is important to not make mistakes that will later become everlasting blunders. To achieve what you expect in the person you want to marry, here are the things you should know. 

Here's a list of 20 crucial mistakes to avoid in marriage while you are still single: 

1. Lack of Communication. Waiting until there's a major issue to communicate can lead to misunderstandings and a breakdown of trust. In marriage, communication is not optional but a necessity, it does not have a timetable, but a routine. Don't wait for a particular thing to happen before you communicate with your partner, even when there is nothing serious, keep the connection alive using all possible means of communication. 

2. Disregarding Your Self-Growth. Failing to work on your personal growth and self-awareness can hinder your ability to contribute positively to a relationship. Aspire to grow not only in finances but life in general, experience will help you to nurture your relationship for the success of the kind of marriage you want. 

3. Financial Irresponsibility. Ignoring financial planning and responsibility can lead to stress and strain in a relationship, avoid this so you will not have bad results about when you finally get married.

4. Ignoring Red Flags. Overlooking any warning signs or compatibility issues can lead to challenges in building a healthy, lasting marriage in the future. Those things you said don't matter, matter a lot. Whatever you can not handle in a relationship you can not handle in marriage, therefore the best time to tackle any red flag is when you are still in a relationship. Don't overlook it, lovingly fix it or walk out for your own good. 

5. Disobeying Boundaries. Neglecting to establish and respect boundaries can lead to issues around personal space and mutual respect. Avoid being too close with the opposite gender, and focus on the good of your relationship, keep boundaries that others will not be very close to you to the extent of cheating on your partner. 

6. Dodging Conflict Resolution Skills. Failing to develop healthy conflict resolution abilities can lead to unresolved issues and pent-up resentment in your relationship. You may there is no need for that because you and your partner so much love each other, I want you to know that there is no relationship or marriage that has not or will not experience conflicts. Misunderstanding is inevitable, it will be good to know how to resolve issues amicably without involving a third party. 

7. Absence of Empathy. Disregarding the proficiency to empathize with your partner's feelings and experiences can create emotional distance. Avoid this, this is one of the worst killers of happiness and intimacy in relationships and marriage. Think of it, if there is emotional distance, how are you going to enjoy each other's companionship? Don't allow this to happen, the result will be negative toward the love you have for each other. 

8. Negligent of Quality Time. Over-committing to work or other activities and neglecting quality time with a partner can lead to feelings of isolation and detachment. Is not bad to be focused on your work or business but attending to your partner's needs in the bedroom and outside the bedroom will increase the love you have for each other. Giving excuses will create an emotional vacuum between you and your partner, which your partner may be pushed to fill in with another person, and this is infidelity which you will not accept in your relationship. The best is for you to always fill in that vacuum by spending quality time with your spouse. 

9. Unrealistic Anticipations From Your Lover. Entertaining unrealistic fairy-tale expectations can lead to constant disappointment and displeasure. Work for the happiness and enjoyment you want to have, don't expect what may never come or happen. Above all, be realistic about whatever you expect from your partner. 

10. Not Prioritizing Emotional Support. Failing to provide or seek vigorous support can lead to feelings of neglect and lack of intimacy. Help your partner whenever needed, nobody has it all. 

11. Dodging Active Listening. Neglecting to truly listen to your spouse could lead to misunderstandings and a lack of emotional connection between you guys. Listening will let you know how to help, when to help, and where to help. 

12. Lack of Shared Goals. Not examining and aligning on shared long-term goals can lead to conflicting directions and aspirations. Yes initially you have a different objective and focus, before you meet but having a shared goal will help you in the long run. 

13. Ignoring Family Dynamics. Disregarding to understand and respect each other's family dynamics can lead to friction and tension in the marriage. Remember that you both came from different backgrounds, customs, and beliefs, it will be important to understand this to avoid having a clash that will unintentionally dissolve your marriage. 

14. Unaddressed Mental Health Concerns: Avoiding the discussion of mental health and support mechanisms can weaken the relationship during tough times, so every issue must be addressed on time.

15. Prioritizing Work Over Relationships. Focusing solely on career and success can lead to disregard for the emotional needs of a partner. Your partner has a need, as much as you do, and work should not be more important than your partner anytime you are back home. 

16. Flouting Personal Well-being. Neglecting self-care and mental well-being can affect your ability to contribute positively to a relationship. The relationship can not prosper if one person is left to do all the things required, nobody is perfect, so make efforts to positively contribute to the good of the relationship by taking care of your mental well-being. 

17. Deficiency of Appreciation among you. Failing to express thankfulness and appreciation for your partner can lead to feelings of unacknowledged efforts. Many people don't know that one of the smallest although powerful means of encouragement is GRATITUDE. Be grateful, and appreciate your partner's efforts whether big or small, appreciate them, it Will encourage the person to do more. 

18. Careless To Conflict Avoidance. Avoiding important conversations and conflicts rather than addressing them head-on can lead to unresolved issues. Don't wait till further notice before resolving conflicts, do not keep records, do not bottle offenses, and resolve them amicably and immediately. 

19. Dismissing Intimacy and Romance. Neglecting to nurture intimacy and romance could lead to feelings of disconnection, and this will push your partner to start having feelings that you are cheating on him or her.

20. All-around Lack of Commitment. Not understanding the deepness and significance of commitment in a serious dating relationship can lead to instability and uncertainty. When in a new or already established dating relationship, if you are not committed to achieving a goal of its success, then you will be limited to its success. I have always said that commitment is one of the life wires of a successful dating relationship or marriage, so is inevitable unless you are just causal friends to each other. 

All these things determine how happy and successful your marriage will be if you can search for and embrace them in your marriage.

It is better to remain single than to get married and wish you were still single.

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