20 Ways To Keep The Love Alive In Your Marriage.

As a married couple, one of the best and easiest ways to keep the bond of love alive in your marriage is bypassing the night together in one room and probably in one bed. 
A happy marriage is beyond a happy and expensive wedding, you are required to keep working on your marriage for you to always enjoy each other. Do new things if the ones you are already doing are outdated or maybe did not give results as expected, change styles and formats and you will have good results. 

Let us dive into the things that will help you to be more happy in your marriage. 

1. Wear something attractive and appealing for your partner, wear nice perfume as you go to bed, and appear in a way that your partner will be happy to have you sleep by their side. 

2. Brush your teeth to encourage fresh breath, food particles could be sticking to your teeth, and brushing your mouth will prevent the room not smelling bad, and this will encourage your partner to have a private discussion with you. 

3. Don't go to bed with the stress you had at work, don't tell your spouse that you don't need any disturbance from him or her. You are at home to be with your family, you should be ready to spend time with them. 

4. Minimize the use of phones or laptops whenever you are with your partner. Your spouse requires your time and concentration, kindly do well to give it to them. 

5. Move the infant to a different room if you have more than one bedroom when the baby is of age. The child might be conceived in the bedroom but is not meant to live in your bedroom It is a private island for you and your spouse. 

6. Cuddle each other, passionately hold hands, and remember you are not sleeping alone so make it a memorable one, give your partner the reasons to always want to be with you. 

7. Make a routine of praising each other's endowment, it makes you both comfortable and relaxed. Talk about what you want and how you would want your marriage to be successful, this type of communication is one of the reasons couples sleep together. 

8. Never forget to pray together before you doze off, and when you wake up pray the same way, it wi help to create more bonds. 

9. Apologize and forgive if any offense was done during the day before bedtime. Don't sleep with resentment or anger against your partner in love. Remember that when you refuse to forgive you are hurting yourself emotionally and not the other person simply because you are the one who is feeling the pain of being offended, the best way to be happy is to forgive and let go. In marriage, offense is unavoidable and there should be forgiveness to keep the marriage moving. 

10. Read your spouse's body speech. Is he or she troubled personally? Is your partner happy as usual or emotionally broken down? Is important you know if they are going through a tough time that need your help, this is one of the essence of sleeping together. 

11. Have pillow chats, open your spirit and mouth, and talk intimate things. Speak about your feelings, are you happy, are you troubled because of the way you are treated? Is there something you want or expect from your spouse that is not yet implemented? You are part of the marriage don't keep mute and conclude that it does not concern you, don't forget that a happy marriage is a result of teamwork. 

12. Lie together when you sense sleep is quickly approaching, drown into sleep as your bodies intertwine. Cuddling together can help keep the body warm in cold weather, be present for your spouse, and show them that they are valued. 

13. Inform each other how greatly you mean to each other. Your spouse never gets enough of your affirmation, you say it every day, and be open about how you feel towards each other. Their ear will be pleased to hear it. 

14. In case one of you farts, laugh about it (some farts are unstoppable)

15. Cover your partner in case you wake up in the middle of the night and find your partner outside the duvet or blanket, especially in cold water, show your partner that you care, and allow your spouse to feel your love, by doing this simple thing. 

16. Kiss your partner on the chick or forehead when you come back from urinating in the middle of the night. Is just like saying to him or her, I am still with you.
17. Hold your partner close and pray together when your partner wakes up in the middle of the night terrified because of a nightmare. Pray and protect each other from falling prey to the hands of evil forces. 

18. Give a goodnight and good morning greeting even when you are together in one bed throughout the night. Greeting your partner has no limit, you can make it special by hugging each other. 

19. Spend a few moments of devotion in bed even when the alarm wakes you up. 
20. Still keep the flame of love alive even after you have to go to work or your place of business. You can send heart-warming love messages, give phone calls to your spouse, chat, and keep the bond alive. 

You are part of your marriage, nurture it to your dream, and make it successful.

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