21 Best Marriage Advice Ever Tailored for Both Singles And Married.

Is important to know that you need new knowledge like this one here for your marriage to prosper. The fact that you are already married doesn't mean that you know it all regarding the necessary information that will spice up the goodness of your marriage. The more you learn the more you grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. 

Here we have got you covered with 21 best marriage advice that will help you to enjoy your marriage till old age. 

1. Determine to love each other, even in those points when you may be finding it hard to like each other. Love is one of the commitments that makes a marriage work, even though love alone is not enough when love leads, it will be easier to work together as a team and make your marriage a happy one. 

2. Always pick up the phone when your spouse is calling no matter how busy you may be at that moment or call back if yours is too tight to answer when the phone is ringing. When the feeling of love is at its zenith your partner can call several times just to hear your voice so don't see their phone calls as a distraction. 
3. Make it a priority to spend time together. Make a budget for a consistent date night with your partner. Time is one of the best emotional currency time in marriage and relationships, so always invest time into your union. 

4. Encircle yourself with buddies who will boost the goodness of your marriage. Withdraw yourself from people who may entice you to compromise your personality without telling you that the action they are forcing you to take will jeopardize the happiness of your marriage. Everyone wants a happy marriage, is the advice you are getting from your friends something that will make you happy in your marriage? Do they have broken home and want you to be in the same position with them? Is their marriage thriving? If yes then be mindful of what they are advising you to do because what works for them may not work for you because every marriage is unique.  

5. Make Happiness and joy the soundtrack of your marriage. Communicate moments of joy with your partner. And even in tough periods, find reasons to laugh and celebrate while you put efforts together to conquer your challenges. Even if you are the one who is personally troubled, don't allow it to affect every angle of your marriage, if you allow the situation to rule your mind you will find it difficult to resolve it, so always be happy. 

6. In every discussion, remember that there will not be a "champion" and a "loser." You are companions in everything so you will either be victorious together or fail together. Work together to find a solution because what affects your partner directly or indirectly has affected you. Don't make decisions alone knowing fully well that your partner will be affected. 

7. Realize that a powerful marriage infrequently has two strong people at the exact time. It's continually a husband and wife taking turns being strong for each other in the moments when the other person is weak. Support each other both in good times and in challenging times, only your effort can not make the marriage to be successful. 
8. Is important to know that marriage is not 50/50— divorce is 50/50. Marriage is 100/100. It's not splitting every effort into half, but both partners giving everything they have completely for the growth of the marriage. If you want to give half effort, what happens to the other half what are you going to do with it? Bring out yourself completely to work for your marriage, it's your marriage, and nobody will do it for you, the best you can get from a third party is support or advice, and you are left to do the jobs involved. 

9. Give your satisfaction to each other, not your scraps after you have given your usefulness to everyone else. If you want to enjoy your marriage please put in your best, I mean your best efforts, and if your talents are required include them as well. The happiness of your marriage is determined by you, not an outsider so if you decide not to do your part then you are planning to fail. 

10. Understand other people, but don't feel the demand to compare your life or your marriage to anyone else's. God's plan for your life is masterfully unique, understand that we have different destiny the same ways our faces are different. You should not expect that every marriage will be the same. Comparing yourself or your spouse to another person will put you under unnecessary pressure, trying to make your marriage to be like another person's marriage is capable of causing you a marital crisis, the best thing is to be yourself, put in your effort, and achieve your goals. 

11. Don't put your marriage on grip while you are growing your kids or else you will end up with an empty nest and an empty marriage. Your marriage should not stop thriving in goodness because you have children which you have put in all your efforts, I am not saying that you should not care for your children but remember that if you abandoned your partner to take care of the children alone, then the unexpected will happen. Someone else will start feeding your spouse that would not feed them, and this will lead to a broken home.
The children are for both of you, their care should 100% come from both of you, and training them should not be a distraction for you not doing your job as a husband or wife. 

12. Never keep things unknown from each other. Secrecy is the enemy of happiness, joy, and prosperous home. Intimacy doesn't thrive where there is secrecy among the couples. If truly you are one body one spirit why keep secrets? How do you expect to plan together when you keep secrets? How do you expect to progress and be happy in your marriage when there are secrets? 
A home built on secrets will collapse unannounced because it doesn't have a foundation and a future. 

13. Nothing should force you to tell lies. A lying tongue breaks trust and trust is the foundation of a strong, and joyous marriage. Look at it this way; trust is like a mirror, when broken is very hard to fix, and although it can be managed that crack will always be there. So many marriage is shattered because of lies and when the truth is revealed love alone is not able to keep the marriage alive. Is awesome to love but if truly you love your partner you can not tell them lies. 

14. When you have made an error, admit it and submissively seek forgiveness from your partner. You should be quick to say, "I was wrong for my actions. I'm sorry, please forgive me." Sorry is a short word but has a powerful impact in healing emotional wounds. Trying to prove right when you are wrong makes your partner feel more hurt than you may have imagined. Accept your errors, nobody is perfect. 

15. When your husband or wife halts hurt you, give them your forgiveness instantly. This will enable healing and develop the possibility for trust to be rebuilt. You should be quick to say, "I love you. I forgive you. Let's move forward because lack of forgiveness will trigger backwardness stagnation of peace and progress in your marriage."

16. Be patient with each other. Your partner is always more significant than your daily program.
17. Model the type of union that will make your sons and daughters want to grow up to be good husbands, and your daughters want to grow up to be good wives simply because they have seen that a happy home is possible.

18. Be your partner's greatest motivator, and not his or her biggest backbiter. Be the one who wipes away their tears with loving words, not the one who causes pain to them either with a hurting attitude or words.

19. Avoid the attitude of talking bad about your spouse to other people or speaking negatively about them online. Safeguard your spouse's integrity at all times and in all places. It's crucial to note the way you present your spouse to others and that is how they will see your marriage. Protect their image in public because indirectly you are protecting yourself. 

20. Always wear your wedding ring. It's a reminder that you are always connected to someone special in your life and will remind the rest of the world that you are taken in marriage.

21. Never consider divorce as an alternative. Remember that an excellent marriage is the hard work of two imperfect people who decline to give up on each other. Build that marriage others will like to emulate. 

Dear married and single person that have read this article, is important to know that for you to achieve the things mentioned in this article God must be at the center of your marriage. You and your spouse can not achieve the great results you want if God is not involved. Work and walk with God and his grace will be your strength.

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