21 Golden Rules to Achieve Marital Bliss.

The truth is that everyone wants to enjoy a happy marriage but unfortunately, not everyone wants to play by the rules, pay the price, and enjoy the success of their marriage. This post will guide you with the necessary rules you need for you to enjoy your marriage. 

We will be talking about 21 rules that will help you move your marriage to the success stage. 

1) Marry Right. Do you love marital happiness? Then Marry right? How would you achieve it? Marry in the Lord's direction or thoughts for you. Marry your kind of person. If you are a believer, marry a believer even if is not the same church same church would have been better! The reason is because you can't speak the same language, or obey the exact Lord and Master. When your husband declares; as a lady, you must be submissive in all, as the wife you will say No way that you are equal with him. You can't be my head of the home when you have your husband with you. 

Again, in compliance with God. The word of God declares: do not be unequally yoked with a disbeliever. Marry your companion! Who is your buddy? Someone who understands you better than others. Someone who will have fun with you. Someone who can accept your transgression as nothing. Someone that will see you as his or her companion or playmate. 

2) Love One Another. love is not merely an emotional feeling, though it may begin out like a feeling,   but it is the validity of marriage it is acknowledging, enduring, and forgiving one another that will make you experience marital bliss. If your love sticks around only a feeling, it can only begin a relationship, it can't make a home and marriage for you in the future.
Marriage tests your love for you and your spouse. All the words or phrases of 'I love you'  you have said, will be tested by trials in marriage.

3) Learn To Forgive. Offense will continually come, even the surprising ones, always forgive and forget the past because nursing will give you emotional wounds. Anything whatsoever can induce disagreement between any married couple. Don't propel offense under the rug! Talk about it and forgive your partner. 
Don't carry up a past offense to a new day. I can't measure how many times I have offended my partner, or he has wronged me. But when we settle. It has become our past immediately. 

Don't allow your controversy to linger more than required. Pardon in time especially as your partner has apologized. Have this ambition in your mentality that your conflict will not pull you apart but will build you up for a successful marriage. Understand from your disagreements that you are bound to be inseparable.

4) Learn the attitudes of Giving. Give your all to your spouse as if you are giving it to yourself in return. Things you can give you can give are, time, money, food, clothes, body, and all you have to one another even when it is not timely. What you have is owned by both of you. Giving is one of the things that makes relationships and marriage to be solid. It lifts love. 
Give time for attention every day. A giver is invariably a lover!

5) Don't Keep Secret In Your Marriage So It Will Not Ruin Your Home. open your soul completely to one another. Secrets, when found will seriously hurt your partner too intensely and can lead to other things, such as divorce. Be emptied as much as feasible to your partner. There is no secret. All shall be unlocked one day but it will negatively impact your marriage. 

6) Disallow third-party negative Influence in your marriage from friends and family. Always remain together as one body. Don't permit third-party impact to mimic your family bond negatively. 
If you require assistance, it is better to talk with a God-led adviser together or individually, rather than informing friends and family who may take sides and make the situation worse.

7)Aid one another. Don't see anything as your partner's responsibility. When your spouse requires your help in any capability you can ASSIST! At home, allocate house tasks! Share obligations. Share invoices if possible so the load will not be too much or too heavy for one person to carry. If you are a woman and you are financially competent, don't wait for your spouse to plead with you for financial help. Do the needful things at home. Carry the family challenges together. Don't allow your partner to feel any weight when you are not holding anything. You are there to assist each other. 

8) Always do things together as one team. This keeps your closeness with each other intact. Plan family affairs, Eat together, Sleep as a couple, Play fun games, Pray like one happy family, Bathe as one whenever it's possible, do housework with your partner, and Go out together either for a date night or evening walkout. Create time for these things because it has it's impact on your marriage. Create time to have fun together. There is nothing we don't do together in my marriage as much as my hubby is at home. Be together, to stay together so you can be united!

9) Keep Your Family Secrets away from public consumption. Be faithful, and trustworthy to one another, and let there be no secrets from one another. Don't discuss your partner's secret with anyone, remember how you present your partner to outsiders is how they will see him or her. 

10) See your family as one body and one soul, even when you feel they are not as good as you anticipated. See your households as one. Otherwise, it will create a division in the household. Every one of you may wish for support from his or her family but there is no greater support than being one body. This will keep your family away from separation. 

11) Respect One Another. Real love yields tremendous respect. Honor and have regard for your spouse. Whatever situation, age, or post they are in life, respect them. Let there be a code of respect that can not be found anywhere else, it could be by calling each other unique Romantic names, let your admiration and respect for each other be something other married couples admire. 

12) Feed Your Partner. Growth is understood with feeding. Feed your love with adequate nourishment and intimacy. Let the man provide for his woman and let the woman be constantly accountable for making good meals for her hubby. Don't let your spouse lack good lovemaking. Keep your body for your partner only. Make it attractive and adorable. Be available every day for enjoyment. 

13) Speak Your Partner's Love Language. Uncover your spouse's love language to fulfill them in different areas possible. Don't give him or Her what you love because you love it. Give him or Her what they love and admire provided you can afford it.

14) Be Obedience to Him, Love Her as the Queen of your Kingdom. Man should give decree as the head of the family, Women obey willingly even when not satisfying or convenient to you. Pray and Discuss it together if need be. God owns the heart of the kings and Queens so work and walk with God for maximum success. 

Your husband is the king while you are his Queen. God understands how to govern him to suit you. Kings always love your Majesties. Cherish her and honor her as this is part of what will make her to be submissive to you. 

15) Labor for Trust. Trust is created and achieved not acquired! Let your conduct and morality shape up trust for you for your partner. Work for trust for the happiness of your marriage. It is not automatically attained. 

16) Apologize at all times. Remember to always apologize when at fault, nobody is perfect. Even if you are not sure who was correct or incorrect, for peace's sake apologize it shows how strong you are emotionally. The partner that aspires for peace is the closest to the mind of God in that marriage. Always be the peacemaker no matter all odds.

17) With love show Care and concern to your spouse.  Show carefulness and concern about your spouse's status either satisfactory or bad. Remember their special days such as birthdays, and celebrate your partner on that day. Take care of them when sick, tired after daily business schedules, or weak because of a particular task concluded at home. Don't disregard your spouse for any justification. Stand with them that's one of the signs that you truly love the person. 

18) Keep Your friendship with your spouse Alive. Every relationship begins with friendship. Don't forfeit your friendship. When friendship halts, a relationship is no more enjoyable. Keep Your Friendship Alive every day. Keep it glowing because this is one of the life wires of a successful marriage. Let your partner be your finest friend. B in court with your spouse over and over without feeling tired, Courtship is sweet especially when with someone you love. 

19) Don't Substitute Your Husband or wife with anybody. You and your spouse are one in the harmony of body, spirit, and soul. Don't deliver your spouse's space for another person to occupy. Nobody deserves to take their space in your heart because you have become one from day one of your marriage.
20) Be Faithful to each other.  For any reason you, have to think about it, don't be disloyal to your spouse. Keep your bed pure at all times. Allow their bodies to satisfy you. When you feel unsatisfied speak out, is your right, and at the same time, you can suggest a solution as well. 

When your spouse shows unhappiness concerning a particular situation, handle the crisis with extraordinary wisdom. Don't push him or her out to look for a solution somewhere else. Pushing the person out can create emotional separation. 

21) Work Out Your Marriage: A happy, prosperous marriage is not made from heaven, you have got to perform what you want in your marriage. To achieve a successful marriage is tough work and not for unwilling couples. When you see happy marriages, know that they are working things out! 

Prepare to work for a good marriage with confidence. We shall all experience marital bliss in Jesus' name.
I pray for every home whose marriage is not working well and receive a supernatural answer for marital bliss in the name of Jesus Christ.

I pray for many experiencing a lack of happiness in their relationships, that God almighty will detach them supernaturally from such relationships and put them in their God's willing relationships in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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