21 Heart Melting Love Messages: I Will Love You Especially on Your Bad Days.

Romantic love messages are one of the ways you can express your emotional feelings to your partner, pour out your heart on how deeply you have loved the person, and how you have been loved by the same person. Romantic messages are also another means of communication between the two lovers where they express their desires to each other. 

Below are samples of 18 romantic love messages that can melt the heart of your partner to love you more. 


1. I will love you when your strategies don't work. It's not every day you will get it right, some setbacks are a blessing to us. 

2. I will love you when you accept nasty news. I have your back as I understand your efforts for our good. 

3. I will care for you even when you are not in the best mood for flirting with me. 

4. I will love you when your money takes a long time to locate you. Ultimately, your financial breakthrough will arrive, you have worked hard and smart to make me happy, I love you. 

5. I will love you when we argue for anything. A misinterpretation will not keep me from seeing we have something good together and realizing how much you have loved me. 

6. I will treasure you when your past trauma shows up in the present. I will be the vessel of honor who assisted you in healing and becoming great. 

7. I will care for you when everyone else abandons you in the face of trouble. They don’t know you as I do and they do not love me as you do. 

8. I will love you when you have self-esteem challenges. I will communicate life back into you and you will have the strength you need to conquer your battles. 

9. I will cherish you when you distrust whether God cares and your belief waivers. When your faith is vulnerable, I will intercede in prayers for you. 

10. I will treasure you when you attempt to change as I requested but tumble shortly yet keep trying. I will celebrate your action in wanting to make me smile every day. 

11. I will love you even when you are too weak to fast and pray for our physical and spiritual growth, as the father of the family, I know is not easy to be a spiritual priest, the grace of God will always be upon you, amen. 

12. I will love you when you are going through, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental challenges. I will be your safe space, but also open up to me so I can help you regain your strength. 

13. I will cherish you when we feel we don't comprehend each other. We have been there before, finally, we will figure things out and grow stronger in love. 

14. I have made up my mind that nothing will separate me from you, you are part of my happiness.

15. I will love you when you are equipped for your tremendous purpose in life, I understand you have to go through fire to become who you want to be. I know God has an extraordinary destiny for you, and by his grace, you will arrive there in great style. 

16. I will cherish and honor you when the intimate feelings are not so high up there. Love is a responsibility for the two of us, not a constant stream of fuzzy sensations. 

17. I will love you when your idea takes a long time to materialize. The higher the mountain, the sweeter the accomplishment of conquering it will be. I am in this with you, I believe in you, my love. 

18. I will love you when others desire to bring you down from your top achievements. I will stand by you because I know your heart is good for all. 

19. When my heart was troubled, you were there for me, this shows me you have loved me intentionally. 

20. When I thought I had nobody to call my own, nobody to look into my eyes and tell me I was perfectly created by God, that was when I heard your voice. 

21. I never believed in true love until you showed up, and gave me a feeling that true love is real, and because of this, now I can say that I have been loved by you. 

I am not just your spouse for good times, dates nights, and prosperity. I am your spouse and sometimes challenges can happen in marriage. 

Please love me the same way I have poured out my love for you.

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