23 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Children For A Bright Future.

Training children is like planting a seed in a fertile land, as they grow, that's the germination of the seeds, when they grow into maturity and start giving you back what you planted in them, that's the children giving you back what you put in them. What you trained your children to become when they were kids is the fruits you will enjoy when they become adults. 

Whether new to parenting or already a parent for many years, feel free to use this article as a guide for parenting. 

1. Be Present In Their Life. 
Don't entrust your presence to your house help or relatives for them to do your job as a parent in the life of your children, do your job, and give them the benefits of parenting.

2. Guard Them From Trauma At Home. 
Nothing keeps back progress in development like trauma. Trauma makes children detest being at home when they watch mom and dad fight or the parents treat them inadequately. Some grown-ups are using so much effort and time undoing the damage of their childhood trauma rather than building their future. Don't let that be your child's experience. 

3. Be Easy Whenever You Talk to Your Children. 
Be approachable to your children. Don't make your children to be frightened of you that they end up not sharing their questions and struggles with you as father or mother. This is what makes future adults find it difficult to be themselves because there were no opportunities to be emotionally close to their parents. 

4. Live By Example. 
Don't anticipate your youngsters to conduct well, communicate well if you do not do things well. They are watching you in all the things you are doing. Not everything you should do in the presence of your children because their memories keep records of things more than you could imagine. 

5. Be Specific About The Quality Of Life You Want To Inculcate In Them. 
Identify at least 4 worths you want to acquaint your children with. Is it about hard work or how to work smart, and teach them how to live a life of honesty and respect? If you are not distinct, you can't be adequate, you can't gauge it. 

6. Prophesy Life Into Them. 
Pray for your children, speak blessings into their lives; especially in their presence even if prayer is not going on. Call out their distinction. "You will do great things, my child", go on and prophesy to them by names, you are their parent and your word is powerful over their lives. 

7. Share Your Successes And Failures. 
Tell them your stories both good and bad ones, and lessons you have learned from what you passed through. Your memoir as the parent is powerful. Be real and powerless when it comes to sharing your experience with your children, help them to learn from you. 

8. Give Them Opportunities To Make Mistakes. 
Don't protect your children too much, permit them to try their path and gain experience, allow your children to take risks, experiment, and see results by themselves, and talk with them about lessons learned after they are with the task. You know that experience is a teacher and without practicing it would be impossible to be perfect. 

9. Teach Them How To Make Decisions especially positive ones. 
Don't spoon-feed them yes or no responses. Guide them on how to arrive at a yes or a no answer. You will not always be in their life to choose for them what is best for them so teaching now now that you are with them is the best thing to do. 

10. Recognize Their Purpose And Talent While They Are Still Young. 
Keep your children from squandering time doing invalid things that will not at any time add value to their lives. Find out what they are extraordinary at and passionate about and help them early. This will give them a great start and help them in forming an identity toward achieving their goals. Remember it all starts by nurturing their minds at a tender stage. 

11. Teach Them How To Make Good Friends. 
Your children should know how to communicate, how to distinguish good from bad people, how to make great friends, and also how to keep friends. A bright future will need networking of friends or allies, not isolation of trying people. Let your children know that when someone works and walks with friends of great minds he will get to his destination faster than when work and walk alone. 

12. Provide For Them A Support System. 
Correlate your children to mentors, and relatives such as uncles, aunts, and public figures who can add prominence to their lives. Let your child grow up in a congregation of people pro-growth. Nurture your children with the association of great thinkers and achievers, the child will grow up with the belief that great things are possible. 

13. Teach Them To Be Independent. 
Teach your children how to be self-independent, train them to work and be smart for what they want instead of depending on anyone to help them achieve their goals, or to help get what ordinarily they can get without much effort from anyone else. 

14. Educate Them How To Have A Good Relationship With Money. 
You foresee your children to be affluent in life, then start early in teaching them financial administration and leadership. Expose your children to big money and big concepts at a young age so that they will not find prosperity as a foreign thing preserved for others. Anyone can amass wealth but the management is very important for it to last for a lifetime or be extended to generations yet unborn. 

15. Be Their Biggest Cheerleader. 
Don't condemn your child's efforts to the point he or she will feel like a disappointment to you. Rather, celebrate their wins and progress, no matter how small it may be, and when the child fails encourage him, inspire him or her, and guide that child in a direction that will help them to win next time. Champions are not made in one day, but as a result of training and failed attempts. The child may fail today but your guide can help the child to be a champion tomorrow.  

16. Discourage Sibling Rivalry. 
Don't show partiality. Don't make any child perceive you have a favorite one among them. Encourage them to accept each other's uniqueness and be united. 

17. Give Them Affectionate Memories. 
Good childhood experiences make adults more confident about their future. A memory that will tell the child that he is capable of achieving his goal in life, an experience that will tell him that he is not mentally disabled to go higher in life and dine with great people around the world. 

18. Give Them The Best Education you can afford them. 
As greatly as you can, invest in a good education for your children. It compliments your effort for good parenting toward your children's good future. Education they said is the right of every child, unless otherwise let your children enjoy this right. 

19. Teach Them How To Be Inquisitive. 
Let your children have a passion for knowledge and be prepared to understand the world outside the classroom of education. Teach them that studying their books is not just to pass exams and that there are beneficial lessons to learn in life outside of formal education. 

20. Teach Them How To Handle Rejection. 
Rejection is an aspect of life. Teach your children how to accept shut-down doors, how to moderate their anticipations, and how to pick oneself up when broken down because of rejection. Educate them to understand that they will not get everything they want at all times, and may even not get it at all, there will be challenges and probably rejection on the way to the destination of success. 

21. Teach Them How To Be Discipline And Patience. 
Teach your children that not everything in life comes easy. By doing chores and games, teach them to keep up the course no matter how tough it can be. Teach them to always finish what they start and not leave it halfway. 

22. Train Them for Emotional Intelligence. 
Allow your children to be able to deal with their emotions of joy, distress, unhappiness, casualty, anxiety, and offense. Teach them to be human and to be susceptible and accountable to other people's emotions. 

23. Teach Them To Always Depend On God
Teach your youngsters how to pray both in good and bad situations, and how to bend to God. Demonstrate to your children that God can do things that you can't and he can also help them to achieve anything in life. They should believe and trust in God because he is their everything, let them know that even though you are their father there are limits to what you can do for them compared to God who can do everything. 

The word of God said in Proverbs 22 verse 6, train your children in the way they should grow, even when the child is old he will go away from it.

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