27 Signs That Your Marriage Is Healthy And Will Be Successful.

The fact remains that it is not easy to attain that level of marital success, and is crucial to know when you have attained it. 

Below are the signs that your marriage is healthy and will be successful.

1) After many years of marriage, you still celebrate your Anniversary with your spouse.

2) Despite the challenges that have come between you and your spouse, you still laugh and joke together anytime you are together.

3) You know each other's past lifestyle, and secrets but have no fear of using them to judge yourselves.

4) You don't investigate each other's phone during the night while your spouse is sleeping to know if your partner is unfaithful to you or not, and you don't investigate your spouse's Facebook messenger to know if he or she is flirting with the opposite gender, no smelling or checking of clothes to see there is lipstick or unusual smell of perfume, you trust each other with a sincere heart.

5) You have many times had serious disagreements but you didn't allow it to negatively impact your marriage because of the love you have for each other, that's why you quickly reconciled.

6) You always talk about everything anytime you are together, you don't keep secrets from each other, and always freely express yourselves without fear of intimidation.

7) You feel valued by your spouse for the way you are treated and recognized at all times.

8) You don't see Making Love to your spouse as the only way to prove your love for each other because that has become part of you long ago.

9) You and your partner are best friends not just husband and wife that love and admire each other daily.

10) You don't do things with selfish desire, everything you do is for the happiness of your marriage.

11) You don't usually talk when you are alone in the bedroom simply because staring at your spouse, cuddling each other, and touching, are the love languages you usually use.

12) You usually make use of the love language of touching and kissing even when lovemaking is not on the agenda. Your man rubs your hand as you talk to him, she kisses your cheek to say thank you for the gift you bought for me, or he holds your waist when he finds you in the kitchen cooking his favorite meal, or she squeezes your hand when you feel lost with the things that are bothering you.

13) You feel empowered, happy, and accepted to correct each other for any mistake, or error without your spouse seeing it as an insult.

14) By just looking at each other's eyes or listening to the tone of voice you can know if your spouse is feeling alright, or if he or she is sick, unhappy, feeling tired, angry, feeling disturbed due to one serious issue or the other; you have open heart to each other's challenges and are always ready to help out.

15) Despite how old your marriage is, you still tease yourselves and make yourselves happy, flirting with your spouse is a routine for you, and you still play like children in the bedroom, a sign that shows your marriage is healthy and you are happy together.

16) You always inform your spouse of your day's schedule. Being busy doesn't unsettle you from communicating with your spouse, it has never stopped you from being romantic to your lover. In an unhealthy and unhappy marriage excuses of I am busy usually exist but it is not like that in your own, you are flowing well in love. 

17) You have never struggled to communicate with your sweetheart, you don't search for the right romantic words to use to send love messages and love quotes to your spouse because you always have them at the back of your mind so communicating them is never a hard thing for you.

18) You affirm each other and then assure yourselves that you are loved, cared for, and valued by your spouse.

19) You still share great moments which adds value to your sweet memories since the inception of your marriage.

20) Whenever challenges want to interrupt the happiness of your marriage or personal life, you always face it together with your spouse, you never handle it alone. This is one of the signs of unity and oneness in your marriage, keep it up.

21) You don't feel used by your lover or that you are doing too much for the success of the Marriage without the support of your partner because, at all times, you work as a team.

22) You don't feel ashamed to ask for love despite how old your marriage is, and how many times you may have made love in a week. You don't also feel disturbed when your spouse asks you for help several times because it has become part of you to always help and assist each other and don't feel you are a burden with his or her request.

23) You are open to yourselves spiritually, emotionally, and financially and are not ashamed of it, you truly know each other's secrets, and weaknesses and also how to handle them peacefully.

24) You don't hide pains from your spouse, and you don't intentionally cause pain to him or her as well.

25) You always take advantage of any opportunity or time available to you to be together no matter how brief it may be because you are falling in love every day. 

26) Your spouse is the first person you think of when something happens to you no matter what it is. This is a sign that you have him or her in your heart every day.

27) Despite how old your union has been, you still pray together every day before going out in the morning and before going to bed in the night.

While you are taking notes of all these things highlighted here for a healthy marriage, is also very crucial to know that a healthy marriage is a work in progress. You don't have to stop doing the right thing for any reason, you have to always put in your best at all times so you can get to that success peak.

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