30 Marriage Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Times. 

Nurturing a marriage for it to be joyous, full of happiness, and successful can be challenging, and avoiding critical mistakes can help you achieve that milestone. Life itself is stage by stage and marriage is not exceptional either, for you to accomplish that greatness you want in your marriage there are mistakes you should intentionally avoid. 

Here are some common marriage mistakes you should steer clear of at all times. 

Lack of Communication. 
1. Ignoring Concerns. Brushing off important issues instead of addressing them head-on can lead to unresolved conflicts.
Taking Each Other for Granted. 

2. Neglecting Appreciation: Failing to express gratitude and take notice of each other's efforts can lead to feelings of ungratefulness.
Prioritizing Individual Interests Over Partnership. 

3. Selfish Decision-making: Constantly prioritizing personal desires over shared goals can strain the marital bond.
Erosion of Trust. 

4. Dishonesty: Being dishonest or withholding information can erode trust and create rifts in the relationship.

Ignoring Emotional Intimacy. 
5. Emotional Distance: Neglecting to cultivate emotional intimacy can lead to feelings of disconnection and isolation. 

Financial Negligence. 
6. Lack of Transparency: Hiding financial decisions or neglecting to jointly plan financial matters can lead to monetary challenges and mistrust.

Forgetting to Nurture the Relationship. 
7. Neglecting Quality Time: Failing to dedicate meaningful time together can lead to emotional distance and a lack of bonding.

Resistance to Compromise. 
8. Rigidity in Conflict Resolution: Refusing to compromise or empathize during disagreements can result in unresolved issues.

Giving in to External Pressures. 
9. External Influences: Allowing external forces to heavily impact the relationship without mutual consent can strain the marital bond.

Absence of Support. 
10. Lack of Encouragement: Failing to offer support or encouragement in each other's personal growth and aspirations can create feelings of alienation.

Failing to Prioritize the Marriage. 
11. Marriage Neglect: Over-prioritizing external obligations over the marital relationship can create a sense of neglect.

Allowing Resentment to Build. 
12. Harboring Resentment: Allowing negative emotions to fester and build up, often without addressing them, can lead to deep-seated resentment.

Underestimating the Power of Empathy. 
13. Lack of Empathetic Understanding: Not taking the time to understand and respect each other's perspectives can lead to emotional disconnect.

Neglect of Physical Intimacy. 
14. Physical Distance: Neglecting physical intimacy and romance can create emotional and physical distance between partners.

Disregarding Personal Growth. 
15. Stagnation: Failing to support personal growth and development can lead to feelings of stagnation and dissatisfaction.

16. Don't overlook your partner the whole day that you will not call him or her on the phone, or send love messages, and expect your spouse to be hospitable towards you at home. The fact that you were together in the morning before going out for the business of the day doesn't stop romantic communication, don't make that mistake. 

17. Don't shout at your spouse and speak to each other with disrespect and a tough tone, and expect the person will enjoy talking with you. 

18. Don't be so guarded with your phone and expect your spouse not to be suspicious of you cheating with someone else. No matter how much your phone is impacted to your job or business excessively guarding your phone against your partner can raise negative eyebrows, be open to your spouse in everything. 

19. Don't be dramatic in your demeanor and expect your spouse will enjoy going out on dates with you without thinking that you may ruin their day. 

20. Don't cheat or make your spouse think you are cheating and expect him or her to easily feel comfortable around, and as well believe that you are still trustworthy. Be real, and be yourself instead of trying to test your partner, and in the end, it will result in tears. 

21. Don't veer away from God and expect your marriage will be exceedingly blessed. God is the author of marriage,  if any marriage must flourish God must be fully involved, your efforts joined with your partner alone can not prosper your marriage, don't make the mistake of not making God the leader and director in your marriage. 

22. Don't judge your spouse and keep reminding your spouse of their iniquities and expect your spouse will be confiding in you about their unpleasant truths and struggles in life. 

23. Don't expose your spouse's weakness to anyone not even a family member. No matter how trustworthy the person can be, because a day will come what you called secrets will become public consumption. 

24. Don't dishonor your spouse in public and anticipate your partner will appreciate standing around you with others. 

25. Don't be careless with managing money and hope your spouse trusts you in monetary decision-making. Is important to note that marriage is no longer just about you but you and your partner, therefore a whole lot of decisions can affect both of you.  Avoid the mistakes of mismanagement even as it concerns finances before it ruins your marriage. 

26. Don't keep dismissing your partner's demands for you to change and you feel your spouse will keep caring about the same request for a long time. Soon, your spouse will let you be after growing tired of what you can not stop doing that's affecting their happiness anytime he or she is with you. This is one of the things that lead to divorce, many decisions made that lead to divorce were characters or lifestyles that ordinarily could have been avoided or amended. Do the things that will positively impact your marriage. 

27. Don't be too serious and hard on your partner and desire your spouse to see God's love through you. Do you preach to your spouse about how you tolerate him or her, especially in hard times? Just like we face tough times as individuals or as a family, marriage itself faces a tough time too. How you deal with your spouse during and before those tough times has an impact on their lives. Your spouse should be comfortable discussing their challenges with you with the belief that you will not use them against them in the future. 

28. Don't keep duplicating the same errors and think your spouse will not come to be feeling taken for granted. As a human, we are not perfect, mistakes will occur, and there can be errors but let it not be part of your lifestyle, be a responsible person. 

29. Don't push out your partner and act like you don't require assistance and assume your spouse will keep forcing themselves to be there for you. Look, human being is not God and can never be God who sees the thought of men right in their hearts. Always be outspoken, voice out to your spouse for help and you will get help. Avoid the mistake that he or she should know what you are going through and should come and assist you, don't die in silence, speak up. 

30. Don't talk unpleasantly to your spouse particularly when you are angry and think your spouse will feel loved. Always control your anger, a word spoken in anger can destroy a marriage, don't allow your tongue to guide you, guide it and be happy. 

These rules will help you to fulfill your dream of having a happy and successful marriage if only you can put them into action.

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