8 Commonly Unappealing Concepts Among Singles In Choosing Marital Partnership.

If you are single, many things may attract you to a man or woman for a marital relationship that has nothing to do with marriage entirely, but you may be consciously ignorant of that thinking you are making the right decision. 

Here is the list of such things for more understanding:

1. Intellectual Skills. 
When you see a handsome young man who can create fun with musical instruments very well or a young woman or a male fellow who has a good voice and sings in the church with the choir, and you distinguish attracted to the person for a matrimonial relationship, this question is, what does singing or melodious instrument have to do with matrimony? It is called the thoughtlessness of the singles. You may not recognize this until you get into a marital relationship or you get married to that person by that time you will understand that what enticed you to the person in the first instance has nothing to do with having a prosperous marriage at all. That is one of the reasons a considerable number of marriages do not last, those skills are not needed in marriage apart from the fact that they can help the individual earn a good income for the family, other than this these talents are only needed on stage. Then you will recall what the Bible said in the book of Saint James chapter Number 5 verse number 13, it's when people are cheerfully married that they enjoy and respect their spouses singing melodies to them, but if not, the vocalists and singing become unappealing to them. 
2. Physical Attraction. 
This is very amusing, but to many single men and ladies out there, it is not amusing at all, it is somewhat an expensive ignorance. When you are attracted to a young guy because he knows how to dress very attractive both at home and on public occasions or get attracted to a noblewoman because she has straight legs, because the individual has a good height and the type that you like, she is slim fits, has irresistible light skin, or glowing skin, or because the person has a good set of teeth, long hair, or has a charming smile. If these are the things you saw in the person that make you accept them for marriage, please understand that you are under the influence of common single’s ignorance because none of these things mentioned above have anything to do with having a joyous, and happy marriage.
If you go into a matrimonial relationship or get married mistakenly to a person because of their physical attraction, when the misery of a bad marriage overtakes you, you will wish to be single again because you have married without looking. 

3. Bodily Beauty. 
In the book of Proverbs chapter number 31 verse number 30, the Bible says in that passage that, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is expiring, but a woman who has the fears of the LORD, she shall be honored.” If you are single and you are still stressed out with single immoderation, this Bible verse will not make any meaning to you, is crucial to comprehend that beauty is something that can disappear after some years. Remember that a beautiful or handsome face is not one of the things that can lead to a successful marriage, so when looking for the quality of the things that could make you enjoy your marriage partner, don't include beauty or handsomeness, all these things can only attract someone into your life but can not keep him or her. 

If you see a beautiful damsel or a handsome young man over there, and you are attracted to the individual for a matrimonial relationship, because of their magnificence appearance, you are making an unforgettable mistake in your life. 
Physical magnificence has nothing to do with a happy or successful marriage. If physical beauty has something to kick into a happy marriage, the divorce rate in marriage these days would not be high. If beautiful and handsome faces contributed to a happy and joyous marriage, there would not have been anything like infidelity. It is simply because physical beauty has nothing to do with having a good marriage, and just as the Bible says in Proverbs chapter 31 verse 30, beauty is passing – which simply means the belief that the beauty of an individual has on you will soon expire in marriage and you will face the reality.

4. Monetary And Material Influence. 
If you marry someone because the individual is financially alright or has a reasonable career or enterprise after you get married, you will realize that God had already destined you to flourish in wealth on your own without the person influencing your efforts, then you will desire you had married the right person and thrived together. One of the most important things in marriage many people do not know about a successful and happy marriage is that money or material thing is not enough to make any marriage flourish if not there will be nothing like promiscuity in marriage. 
When you marry someone because of their financial or material impact, you will not enjoy your companionship with the person. Later in the future, you will discover that you could have become richer without the person's collaboration as you thought initially, you could have married someone not very rich and still be happy in your marriage. 

When you see married people in a brand new latest car model, wearing identical designer clothes, or where a married couple is spending their holiday or summer in an expensive place outside their home country, you start being jealous of them and wish you had such a marriage? Don't you know that all those things have nothing to do with a happy marriage? Money, materials, and others have nothing to do with a good and godly home. For example,  hope you know that a man and a woman can be living together with their children but still not happy in that marriage? Again, there is no quantity of money your spouse may have that can comfort you when you realize he or she is cheating on you. Love for material things is not an assurance of a happy and successful marriage. 

When you marry a visionless rich person who has a television and shuns a visionary man without a Television, then one day you will watch the visionary man on your husband's TV. Also when you marry the wrong lady without the inbuilt capability to support your vision for greatness both for yourself and for the marriage, but because she is gorgeous to behold every day, soon you will have no major project than to spend on her beauty with the latest makeup and skincare products. Please understand that I am not against beauty and handsome appearance but I want you to understand that these things are secondary contributors to a happy marriage. 

5. Academic Capabilities. 
Another everyday ignorance among singles in the selection of a marriage partner is the educational qualification. You wish to become a man and wife, and you have this icon of intellectual qualification in your heart that the damsel you want to marry must be exceptionally educated or the man you want to marry must not have a lesser schooling than you. 

When you dismiss the perfect direction of God for your life because he did not school as you want or because her academic capability is too low, and you think, “How will people sense that despite all my academic qualifications I will now marry this individual with low academic credentials.” Will it not display nicely for people to hear that the person you want to marry got a degree from a prestigious university, or that he or she is a Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer? Etc.? 

Remember that the people you are attempting to ingrain by getting married to a wrong-educated person will not be there with you in the marriage when the disaster of an amiss marriage begins to let discharge on you. Education is good, is powerful, and can be a ladder for one's success but it has nothing to do with marriage being successful or not. Educational background should not be the reason you are getting married to someone because marriage as an institution ordained by God is beyond education. 

6. Marriage By Ethnicity
Do you want to marry a particular person from a certain tribe or do you want to marry according to the perfect will of God for your life? Will it not be so disappointing that the heart-breaking wrong individual you marry is from your tribe or from the same town you came from? Rather, will you not be so relaxed that the loving, godly person, and right person you wed is from another ethnic group? Which one is reasonable for you? The best decision in this situation is to get God involved because even people who get married from their communities are not guaranteed that their marriage will last till death separates them. 

7. Parental power of control
When your parents or guardians choose for you who to marry instead of allowing God to choose and direct you or when you choose to wed somebody because his or her parents are nice to you or godly, and you go into a marital relationship with somebody because it is the desire of your parents or because the parents of the person are popular, or powerful in the society, such is called negligence of the single. If you enter into the wrong marriage because of all these things listed now, your parents or the parents of your partner will not be there with you. Is good to associate with fellow elites but you should understand that societal popularity or class can not determine or guarantee that your marriage will be loving. Don't go into marriage because of what you will gain in the future, first, you need to be convinced in your mind that he or she is the right person for you to marry not because you were told. Remember that after you are married, walking out of the marriage will not be easy, so choose right. 

8. The Only Right Option
If you don’t want to marry and degrade your happiness, joy, and progress in life, ministry if you pastor, prophecy or prophetess, and eternity as a child of God who has the intention of going to heaven is important to make the right decision on time, but if you want to marry and make it in life as well as enjoying your marriage, and also make eternity, then the only person you can wed and never wish undone, it is the person who is the will of God for you. God has created someone for you that fits your lifestyle and future, God’s agenda for you and that is what is named the will of God in marriage. In Your life, you may miss the right university, the right profession for you, or the right employment, but please do not miss the right person God Almighty has made for you because if you ignore it, you may miss everything including God's paradise.

How To Discover The Will Of God Almighty In Your Marriage. 
1. Renounce your life to our Lord Jesus Christ. Only in Jesus Christ, you will hardly know the will of God in your life and marriage until you are genuinely saved. 

2. Hand over your will and ways to God for him to be directing you. Let him alone be your director and life moderator and His way be yours, do not bring or involve any idol in your life the moment get yourself committed to God if you want to receive his blessing in abundance.

3. Seek God for guidance, yes he knows your mind but you should still pray for his guidance to avoid you misleading yourself. Lean not on your knowledge or wisdom, without God you are nothing and can not achieve anything. 

4. Pray and settle for God’s will, not your permissive will. 
5. Try and stay pure till marriage, the Bible says bed undefiled. Do not engage yourself with any form of premarital inordinate affection. Be determined and you will achieve it. 

Here is the utterance of God – the Bible in the book of Prophet Isaiah 1:19, 20:
“If you are ready and obedient,
You shall consume the good things of the land;
20 But if you decline and rebel against God, 
You shall be eaten up by the sword”;
For the mouth of the LORD God of Israel has spoken.”

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