8 Things You Should Stop Doing When You Get Married.

When you are single you flirt and live your life as it pleases you because of the rules of marriage or you are still under the tradition of marriage in your father's land. But from the day the customs of your father's land confirmed you married from that day there are things you will stop doing immediately because they are automatically according to tradition against marriage and will destroy your marriage if you do not control it. Stopping it will help you to protect your image and that of your partner while you enjoy your marriage. 

Those things are: 
1. Stop Spending Time Alone With Opposite Gender. Immediately you are married you need to stop hanging out with the opposite gender the same way you were doing when you were single. No matter how harmless this may look to you or the person, it will harm the person you are married to and may lead you into an extramarital relationship that will hurt your marriage shortly. As an ordinance, avoid mingling or flirting with the opposite gender when you are married, it's an incredible habit to honor your marriage vow and show respect and loyalty to your spouse. 

2. Stop Flirting. Don’t ever wink at anybody once you are married, and don’t have fun with anybody’s feelings, you may not come out of it without hurting somebody's feelings. Is advised you divert the flirtatious energy to your spouse instead of directing it to the opposite gender outside your marriage. Is allowed in marriage and it will even spice up goodness in your marriage, so channel it to the right person which is your spouse.

3. Wipe out All Contact With Your Former Lover. Stop all contact with old boyfriends or girlfriends because you are now with someone special in your life. Still keeping a connection with them will hurt your marriage, the best is to cut off the relationship because if your former boyfriend or girlfriend was better than the person you are married to now, you would not have left them to marry someone else. They are not your enemies but you may need to block and delete some numbers, you may need to unfollow and stop chatting with some people on social media. This shows that you are trustworthy and truly determined to obey your marriage vow.

4. Stop Night Chatting On Social media. 
Is crucial you stop night communication with any opposite gender who may have an interest in having a relationship with you are who previously had or wanted a  relationship with you before getting married, if you must keep the communication, it should be with the approval of your partner and that should be a very significant person and it does not have to happen often. In other words, every communication with someone that will result in late-night calls or chatting apart with your spouse should be clear to your partner that you are not cheating, this will help not to break the trust he or she has for you. 

5. Don't Remove Your Marriage Ring. 
Don't forget to always put on your matrimony ring, it indicates you are accountable, determined to be in your marriage, and ready to be faithful to your partner. Do you remember that wearing your wedding ring is one of the ways you can tell your admirers that you are no longer single? If you do not wear it, is a sign you are still single and open to a relationship and this is infidelity against your marriage. Yes, you are married, and your friends and families know you are married but what about your admirers? How many of them will you physically and verbally inform that you are married without a wedding ring on your finger as evidence that you are married? You why wearing your wedding ring is important. 

6. Don't Cover up Things From Your Hubby.
You are to be honest and Powerless to your partner. No level of secrecy is allowed in a marriage that wants to thrive, there should be no darkroom, no hidden agenda no matter how little or not serious the thing may be, be honest with your partner.

7. Don't Spend Unaccounted Time With Opposite Gender. Infidelity is not just about having extramarital affairs with someone else. Infidelity begins when you start to spend time with the opposite gender which you kept secret from your spouse. Also, remember that infidelity does not start in one day but a continuous communication with your admirers. Cut off that chain that connects you with your admirers before it hurts your marriage. 

8. Detour Night Crawling. Evening is the family period when you are supposed to be with your family after your busy day at work. Coming back to your residence in the evening is a thing of a responsible person, but returning home by midnight and 1:00 am does not show you are a husband or wife, it will hurt your union because by then your partner will start thinking that you are having affair outside the marriage except when it's rare.

I beautiful and happy marriage is a process, for you to enjoy the marriage of your desire you need to take off somethings out of your lifestyle and start abiding by the rules that will that will help you to grow up to the position you want your marriage to be.

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