9 Proven Ways To Build A Stronger Successful Marriage.

Make your marriage paradise on earth, have your best buddy inside your home, and make your spouse your best companion. No matter how outlying you have gone separate ways, you can build intimacy again and become the best couple of your life. Friendship starts in a day but becoming a best friend takes continued efforts to achieve it. Making your spouse your best friend is one of the best and easiest ways to enjoy the marriage of your desire. 

For you to achieve this, these are compulsory 9 steps to follow: 

1. Pray To God About It. Request from God to give you the wisdom and, or all the required ability to be with your spouse and have him or her as your best buddy in the whole world and He will. Pray with an open heart without attaching a selfish interest to it. 

2. Overlook His Shortcomings. This is one of the main challenges of many marriages nowadays. People emphasize so much on their partners' imperfections, such as nagging, annoying complaints, and criticism of their efforts for the good of the marriage, this continues till there is no energy left to build a heart-warming, and affectionate relationship with their partner. Your partner can not be 100% as you expected because no human being is perfect. The question to ask yourself is; am I perfect, loving criticism helps for improvement but when it's extreme it becomes a threat to the happiness of your marriage. 

You should learn to overlook your partner's weaknesses, the fact is that your imperfections are what makes your partner perfect, and their imperfections are what make you perfect. Grow together in love because nobody can be perfect. 

3. Think Like A Matured Person. If you are excessively emotional and respond to cases with feelings rather than logic, your partner may not discover you appealing talk less about being your very best friend. We all admire someone who constantly thinks like a mature adult, which means, being rational. If you want your spouse to spend quality time with you, connect with his or her logical flank. Learn to be matter-of-fact, sound in your reasoning, and empirical. 

For illustration, if your child repeatedly fails at school, rather than calling the class teacher and screaming down the roof of the building, sit down silently, have a personal thought, and raise a question to yourself, "Why does this kid fail all the time in all academics? Does he do his homework well by studying them at home? Is he lazy in school to join other pupils to learn? Is he not nicely acquainted? Does he sleep in class when the lesson is going on? Etc. Ask yourself profound queries to get to the origin of the situation the child is facing. Visit the school after the child has gone to school, and ask the educator deep queries as well. Reflect upon the matter, and present it to your spouse, both of you can then ponder feasible ways of unraveling the problem. We all love anyone who approaches problems maturely and intelligently. By being a problem-solving person your partner will see you as an assistant, a friend, and a helpmate. 

4. Be a Partner's Supporter. Men so much love wives who support them. The quickest route to be your hubby's best friend for life is to support them in every possible way you can, form the habit of motivating him, and be part of his vision in achieving a particular goal or his life in general. The best couples of a successful marriage in the globe support their partner's vision. Contribute to him what he can not get from another person, this is one of the secrets of winning your partner's love. 

5. Contribute Financially and Otherwise. One of the habits to winning your spouse's respect for life is to have your finances and be awesomely loyal, submissive, and humble to him every day. Some men who behave like they are under a love charm from their wives are those who are "profiting" from her financial assistance. What's is beautiful assisting to offset house bills and take care of the home till he can monetarily stand on his two feet and will not need urgent help anymore. 

If you want him to love you beyond your expectations make efforts to be assisting him financially. If he is the type that doesn't openly ask for financial aid, do it as a surprise and he will appreciate it.
Assist your man to handle that financial burden but don't tell anyone about it. Let it be between God, you, and your husband because telling someone else will bring disrespect to him that he is not doing his job as the father of the family.

6. Admire Your man. Sorry to brag small, but I can have any man I want at any time if I am still unmarried. Just press one or two switches of admiration on him and immediately, he will fall in love with me. A whole lot of Men love to be admired and respected by ladies. If you want to catch sight of the infant in your husband's life, admire him ridiculously! He will love you more than you expected, chase you around in love, and make you his best companion for life! This is one of the most powerful secrets that will put your husband away from your side chick thereby making him your man forever.

7. Love What Is His Passion. What's his passion? Passion is something someone does love doing for happiness which gives them satisfaction at the end of it. Someone can have a passion for Reading, watching football matches especially when a particular club is playing, it could be for business, singing as a gospel minister, or gadgets, etc. Be part of what your partner's love life. Love what he adores and he will make you his best buddy forever!

8. Show Him Compassion. As the head of the family, men face a lot of challenges, different kinds of difficulties, and adversities day-to-day in the bit to feeding the family. We think because he looks rugged and ain't speaking about his situation, it makes it look like he is fine, NO! That gentleman is suffering silently! That's why he readily gets angry and sometimes ignores you. Some men would somewhat get angry at life rather than disclose their difficulties with you, don't take his frustration privately. Show him an abundance of kindness, sympathy, familiarity, and respect. He will cherish you for life for doing it to him.

9. Keep His Secrets. A lot of men out there have a superhero fragile egotistical. Don't mind his muscular appearance, nobody can handle ridicule and shame at the same time. Don't share his shortcomings and weak points with friends and close relatives. He can't handle it when they start disrespecting him because of it, and he hates it. Let the trust he has in you protect him. Be trustworthy to your partner at all times. Keep his secrets secret remember that how you present your partner to others is the way they will see him or her and that also determines the level of respect they will give him or her. Be positive about how you discuss your partner with a third party, but be mindful of who they are to your marriage. 

Whether married or about to go into marriage, I believe you are aware that a golden successful marriage takes a process to accomplish. The marriage of your desire is not already made, you are the one that will make it happen and to accomplish it, the above 9 list will help you get it done. 

Congratulations you are among those who know about this.

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