How To Identify Or Know God's Will For Your Marriage.

Marriage doesn't succeed by love alone. As a matter of fact, as important as love is in a love relationship or marriage, it's ELEMENTARY. Therefore, love is never enough.           
In the book of Prophet Amos 3:3, the Bible says, "Can two walk together except they agree?" Marriage is an agreement that must exist between and a woman who willingly want to be together for the rest of their lives. If you and your spouse do not agree on all salient issues as one, please don't go ahead with the plan. Do you know why? For the fact that you are married, automatically you are one body and soul with your spouse, so you are expected to always be on one page when making decisions that concern the two of you. 

So many relationships and marriages were not meant to be, but still, the two lovers flouted the voice of reasoning. Not having an agreement on all salient issues is the main reason for wrong marriages today. One major cause of disagreement and conflict in marriage is when there is no agreement between the husband and wife. 

Dear friends, an agitated marriage isn't as same as a wrong marriage. Any troubled marriage is one under some attacks of the devil's conclusion. Whereas a wrong marriage is the one that was never meant to be at all one of the partners insisted that it will work without taking into consideration the challenges at hand, and how to make it right if it's something they can calmly handle.

For so many years, there has been unimaginable growth of wrong marriages as much as troubled marriages. Just the way God planned it, that shouldn't be.
Reasons, while a troubled marriage may not be bypassed, are simply because of our imperfections as humans, although, a wrong marriage can be avoided if there is understanding among the couples. Despite this, so many people keep on ending up in wrong marriages because of this "love is blind" syndrome mainly caused by the fact that they throw caution to the wind even when a red flag is confronting them.

Dear buddy, love is never truly blind and must never be during dating and courtship. Singles whose love was blind in their relationships are now having tales of regressions to tell about their marriages.
As an unmarried person, one of the easiest ways of identifying God's will in a life partner is through COMPATIBILITY. In the marriage world, compatibility simply means living together and working together with your partner without problems or conflicts against the other person. If there is no compatibility between you and your partner, then no marriage. Please understand this.

Marriage is not something you do at your leisure; it's a serious-minded life and must be approached the same way. Never enter marriage from a position of weakness but of strength. Please never be desperate over a lover, no matter how much you think you love them. Don't ever pretend over the unaddressed issues of your love life. If you are not satisfied with how the matter is handled, settled, or discussed, be open and be happy within yourself, and be at peace with yourself over your lover or a love relationship, if you're confused or afraid, these are not positive signs, so make every possible effort to resolve it that day because of your emotional safety. 

There are red flags that you must not ignore at all but must deal with them by simply finding ways to fix them or end that love relationship because is not something you can handle. Therefore, if you are not agreeing spiritually, academically, materially, financially, and mentally, please understand that the relationship will not work talk more about it ending in marriage, is also a sign that you are not compatible, there the person is not the will of God for you to marry. 

Don't conclude marriage with anyone just because the person was recommended for you by a loved family member. He or she may have all the physical appearance you admire, but think about compatibility. While you meet to know each other, are you peaceful whenever you are with the person, or your spirit is troubled? 

What about religion? 
You may not be the same religion but will he or she allow freedom of worship after marriage? Does the person understand that love is reciprocal? Is he or she aware and believes that one of the most important things in marriage is teamwork? 

Remember marriage is beyond an expensive wedding, after the wedding then marriage proper, so relax and consider a whole lot of things, before saying I Do. A happy marriage requires a great step, your decision today has a lot of impact on the success of your marriage. 

Your happiness in your marriage should be important to you, you can not easily end a marriage just like the way you can easily end a dating relationship, before you go into it be sure that you are ready. 

Congratulations in advance. 

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