List Of 8 Things Marriage Will Teach You

I have heard a lot of people say that marriage is a great institution of knowledge and understanding and that marriage is the only school one enters without graduating but you are given your certificate the first day you are admitted which marriage certificate.

I relatively agree with these recommendations. Indeed, there is a lot marriage will teach you starting from the day you get married to your significant other.
Below are just a few things the institution of marriage will teach you. There are numerous more but I want us to look into these. 

1. Marriage will teach you how to forgive.
Your spouse will hurt your feelings many times in marriage and for you both to come back in love, there has to be forgiveness. Offense is inevitable in marriage and forgiveness is the best way forward. 
You will know how to forgive, is not a matter of choice but compulsory because forgiveness is one of the backbone of a happy home. Cultivate the habit of forgiving because marriage is not for the unforgiving spirit.  

2. Marriage will teach you patience and tolerance.
The institution of Marriage will also train you on how to be a patient person if you are not natural. This is mandatory if you want a peaceful marriage.
Being patient will help you not to make mistakes in decision-making, it will help you not to regret your actions after you have taken steps to achieve a particular goal. With all the bag and luggage and shortcomings your spouse is struggling with, marriage will teach you to be forbearing with them. If you are the impatient kind of individual, your marriage will be plagued with disputes. 
3. Marriage will train you to be selfless.
Marriage will make you understand that selflessness is the only you can work as a team and conquer whatever challenges that may confront you. You will be taught how to put the necessities and desires of your partner before your own.
Periodically if not frequently, you will have to surrender your convenience to satisfy your partner. If you are a greedy type of person, your marriage will negatively be affected. 
Marriage will make you understand that for you to prosper you need to be selfless in your service, commitment, loyalty, and submission to your spouse. 

4. Marriage will acquaint you with empathy. In the book of 1 Peter chapter number 3: verse number 7, the Holy Book says, "Husbands, in the same manner, be considerate as you live with your wives, and pleasure them with respect as the softer partner and as heirs with you of the gracious blessing of life, so that nothing will hamper your prayers to God."
Marriage will organize you in a way that you cannot speak to your partner somehow. You will learn not to be fierce but to be peaceful, and loving in your words and actions towards each other. If you are the classification of an individual that is difficult to be with, of a necessity marriage will orient you to be kind because you cannot enjoy marriage if you continue that way.

5. Marriage will prepare you to work as a team and cooperate while you chase your goals.
The institution of marriage is not a one-man brigade, one-man experience, or sole proprietorship where you take every decision alone without minding what will be the outcome or a place where you decide how to manage your finances alone, face the risk alone and enjoy the benefits without being answerable to anyone. 
Marriage is a partnership of two different individuals from different family backgrounds, different norms, and personal beliefs. 

It's a joint venture where efforts are put together to achieve a particular goal. For your marriage to prosper is mandatory that you do all things as a team, going with the above illustrations one partner alone does not have the capacity for any challenge that could hit a marriage.  
In marriage, you will know that you cannot just make a significant conclusion or take a major step without the support of your partner. Therefore, marriage will prepare you for how to work and how to collaborate with your spouse to achieve a common objective.

6. Tolerance in marriage.
In marriage, you will discover that it's not everything you must respond to or speak about, by experience you will know it. You will know how to ignore things for peace to reign.
If you are the sort of person who cannot permit some things to slide because talking about it may hamper the happiness of your marriage, that means you don't have something serious to focus on, marriage will acquaint you with how to be tolerant and by discernment overlook anything that will not contribute positively to your marriage.

7. Marriage will teach you how to manage finances. You don't spend on things except if it's a necessity. You buy things based on how important and urgent it is that you buy them and not because you like them or because are trending. If you don't manage your finances well it will ruin your marriage or you will be bankrupt even with a high-income job. 

8. Marriage will train you on how to be neat. Not only that cleanliness is good for your health but also because cleanliness will also contribute to you looking attractive to your partner and the general public. A dirty mouth will make your spouse avoid kissing you. In marriage there is no specific time to look attractive, that's if it's not already part of you to be a neat person. 

There are whole lot to learn in marriage, but the good news is that all these things will equip you to make better decisions that will help your marriage to thrive.

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