Maintaining Faithfulness In Marriage: The Power Of Vision, Love And Self-control.

Faithfulness simply means the quality of being loyal, dedicated to doing things under your care, and committed to someone or something. 

When it comes to a dating relationship and marriage faithfulness is one of the most important because it involves being true to our partner, faithfulness disconnects oneself from infidelity or in any way betraying the trust your spouse has in you. 

Overall, faithfulness is the fulfillment of promises made and you are dependable, honest, and trustworthy, it also means consistency in your principles and avoiding any form of deception or fraudulent acts, leading to maintaining a reputation and healthy relationships with those we live with.

Let's dive into the business of the moment: 
Vision gives someone a reason to stay committed. When you have an imagination of the type of marriage you want to have and the kind of hubby you want to become, you stay true even when it gets tough because you know where you are heading.

2. FEAR. 
When you value what you have with your spouse and all you two have built and invested in all these years, you will fear doing something that might destroy it.
3. LOVE. 
When you love your spouse, you will be careful not to do anything to hurt your spouse, but also, your greatest desire will be to enjoy special moments with no other but your spouse.
Humility will remind you not to be excessively confident in yourself that you play with enticement. Humility will also permit you to be open-minded to warnings when your spouse cautions you about someone you are getting close to especially the opposite gender whose closeness may lead you to extramarital affairs that are capable of damaging your marriage.

When you and your significant other take time to have ridiculous, profound, tough, and naughty discussions with each other, be it face to face, online via social media, through phone calls, or video calls even when you are in a long-distance marriage; it will make faithfulness effortless to practice. Constant communication keeps you both affiliated. Emotional faithfulness leads to intimate faithfulness, this is one of the things that leads to a happy successful marriage that many people don't know. 

Your significance determines your lifestyle and this defines what you give time to, who you offer time to, the atmospheres you take yourself to, and what consumes your thinking. If you don't have nurtured values as a person, you will smoothly fall.

When you encircle yourself with friends who motivate you and commemorate your faithfulness and who are also trustworthy to their spouses, you will challenge each other to concentrate on the greatness of your marriage. Inspect the circle of your friends, are you surrounded by those who encourage infidelity in marriage? Remember your friends are the image of who you are. 

Don't numb your conscience, your conscience is what flags you when you are doing wrong. It is your connection to God to remind you of your actions and impacts. If you numb your conscience, you will do wrong things to people with no remorse and this will come back to haunt you in the future so always do good to enable you to enjoy it in the future. 

When you both treat each other well at home, it is so easy to be faithful. You are happy at home, why mess it up? When the home is full of fights, arguments, coldness, and drama; it gives temptations to power.

Telling your husband or wife who you are with and the place you are without being inquired of will make you responsible and prevent you from stumbling into unknown or unannounced danger. Successful marital affairs can not thrive in secrecy. When you are transparent you are not just a faithful and responsible person to your partner, you are also doing yourself good because the information you give your partner will help determine how safe you are where you are. 

When you begin to see yourself taking satisfaction in another person's relationship, not your partner, and being reasonable about it, you will realize it is not worth it. So you will have an incredible time with this new person, and then what happened again? Your future is always with your spouse, and that quick good moment is not worth jeopardizing it all for.

Alcohol tends to make many married people misbehave, sometimes to the point they don't remember their bad behavior. When you remain sober you will make better judgements.

When you are conscious of what you feed your mentality, you will watch over your ways. Almost everything we have or have achieved was first conceived in the mind. The Bible makes it clear that out of the abundance of the heart we mouth speaks. Create positive things in your mind at all things because it has an impact on your destiny. 

When you make it obvious to associates in your office or in business, your friends, and even online connections that you have borders because you respect your marriage, others will respect your marriage too because that's the rules you created for yourself. For someone not unauthorized to have access to any privacy in your marriage you have to first create boundaries. Let them play by your rules and save your marriage. 

When you have the resilience to prevent yourself when you glimpse you are getting too attached to another person or getting veered around on by them; you will take yourself out of danger if you have self-control. Remember provided marriage and relationships are concerned, loving your spouse genuinely doesn't stop attractive, and beautiful people from coming your way. But when you have self-control you will always love, cherish, and put your spouse ahead of them. Lack of self-control is one of the easiest roads to infidelity, if you love your marriage boycott that road. 

With these lists here, you now understand that maintaining faithfulness will lead to a happy, joyous, and successful marriage, may the Lord God of host grant you grace to achieve this,  amen.

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