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The Importance of Restitution for Christians After Salvation.

After you are genuinely saved, there may be some wrongs of the past that need to be corrected in your present new life in Jesus, that is what is called restitution. Restitution is to have a conscience free of offense toward our fellow human beings after we become born again. 

Jesus said in the book of Saint Luke chapter 13:24, we must strive to enter through the narrow gate.

We must strive to have a conscience without offense not only towards God but towards men, and that happens when we do restitution.

Restitution includes restoring things you wrongly acquired before you came to Jesus, revealing lies and deceptions you were involved with before you gave your life to Jesus reconciling with people you offended, and also forgiving, with all your hearts, people who offended you, no matter how terrible. 

Lack of forgiveness from the heart is a major thing that will hinder many Christians and ministers of God from making the rapture or from making heaven. Read Matthew 6:15 to understand that your inability to forgive others can negatively affect your relationship with God. 

Do you know that after you are saved and spirit-filled, if you ignore to do the right and necessary restitution you will still miss the rapture and go to hell? The fake certificate you are using, the falsified age you are using, the stolen items you are keeping after you are saved, and the stolen money and properties in your possessions even after you claimed to be saved will not allow you to make heaven.

When I see people who say there is no need for restitution after salvation in Christ, that God has forgiven them all, my simple question is which one did God forgive you? The sins you committed then or now? When you used false age before you were saved and God forgave you and now you are still using the false age, filling it on the forms as a fresh lie, so which one has God forgiven you? You lied to your spouse, to your boss, to your school before you gave your life to Jesus, now instead of you opening up, you are still using lies to cover up the old lies, and you said God has forgiven you? 

So which one? The lies you told in the past time of your ignorance or the lies you are willingly and knowingly telling now? Look, if your church is deceiving you, you should not be deceived. Any church that is not repeatedly teaching and encouraging its members to do restitution is a mortuary, not a sanctuary. You cannot make the rapture; you cannot make heaven in the future if you do not open up your past right in your present now. 

You need to open up the past secrets to the person you want to marry, to your wife, your husband, your parents, your pastor, your boss as in the case that has to do with your work, also to your school, even to the government authority. Since God has forgiven you, you need not keep hiding it again.

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