Use These 16 Heartfelt Prayers To Embrace God's Blessings And Safeguard Your Children's Future.

As a parent of a child or children, you don't only take care of the child physically, being a parent or caring for a child is beyond being present for him or her physically, you are required to be protecting the child spiritually as well. 

In this article, we will be dealing with 16 Heartfelt Prayers To Embrace God's Blessings And Safeguard Your Children's Future. 

1. My God in heaven, I pray for every compartment, tissue, organ, and system of my children's bodies. Let my children thrive in health, grow, and be strong in strength. 

2. Oh God, I pray against every premature death standing against my children. My children will enjoy a long life. 

3. I pray that You Oh Lord may disclose to my children and me their purpose in life early so that they may live a life of direction and vision under Your care. 

4. I stand in your grace upon me oh Lord that You will provide through me all that my children require such as their School fees, daily good food, a good home to call their own, a good educational life, and material necessities. 

5. Jehovah God, even as You provide me procedures to make money, support me to make time to be a good parent to my children. Let me be present in my children's life that they will feel my love and care for them at all times. 

6. Father Lord in heaven, inspired by my children's sanity. Grant them your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding oh Lord. Let them always pay attention in class whenever their teacher is teaching, give them the grace to love to read, and be revealed to knowledge because knowledge is power. 

7. Today I stand against any curse that may be trying to link up with my children through our unwelcome kingdom. Any binding covenant against my children from any part of the earth by someone close to me, a relative or friend that today is speaking against their destiny, you are eliminated from my children's life in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

8. I pray that gates will open for my children's good. Crown my children Oh God with favor before You and the people that surround them. Let the light of your presence in their lives attract destiny helpers for my children in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

9. My God and my father, I ask that my youngsters will thrive in good character and love for one another. Teach my kids Your laws and your ways so that they will not depart from them as they grow into big boys and big girls. 

10. Jesus Christ my savior, please help me to be a good illustration to my descendants. Give me your grace to do and teach them the right thing that will help them to become great in life. 

11. Introduce them to the right corporations and buddies. Help them to distinguish reasonably and interact with the right crowd. Let your grace guide them not to associate with anyone that will negatively impact their lives. 

12. Help them to know You more as they grow in your knowledge, reveal Yourself to my children so they will know that there is no other one greater than You in their lives.
13. Jehovah Yahweh, I pray for your supernatural protection for my children. In the name of Jesus Christ, I am standing against all forms of accidents wherever my child goes whether by air, car, boat, legs, or bike that the Angel of the Lord will guide them so that no evil will come near them in the Jesus name, amen. 

14. Jehovah today, I pray for the food that my children eat wherever they go. They will not eat what will kill them and what will kill them will not see or come near to them, amen. 

15. I pray that no negative words spoken to discourage my children from prospering in life will prevail. My enemies and those of my children will be defeated. My offspring will grow up in an environment that enables them to be better in life and achieve their goals. 

16. Oh God of heaven and earth, release Your Angels to watch over my descendants both day and night, no evil plan made against them will prevail, they will not beg to eat or beg to take care of their needs, fight for my children any spiritual or physical war established against them and give them victory in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Father Lord in Heaven above, we know that you have granted us these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Dear parents pray at all times for yourself and your children even when there are no challenges Praying, and preventing challenges is better than fighting them when they come.

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