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11 Habits That's Endangering True Love Among Couples In Marriage.

(1) When you abandon the love of God and you replace or divert God’s love to something or someone.

(2) When you no longer learn and speak the love language of your spouse.
(3) When you are distracted in marriage with the opposite gender or your ex and you keep mentioning the name at will in your home even when making love with your spouse.

(4) When you place importance on your extended family, friends, job, etc above your spouse and children
(5) When you are addicted to something like a phone, the internet, etc, or someone that is not your spouse thereby spending more time with the person or on that thing than your spouse and family.

(6) When you shut down communication in your marriage or when it becomes a monotony thing. Lack of communication in marriage will usher in frustration between the two lovers.

(7) When you suddenly become secretive with your life, movement, salary, savings, progress, use of phone, and other intimate activities that used to bond you with your spouse. 

(8) When you bottle up love in your heart and you fail to express it in actions.
(9) When you stop celebrating your spouse's special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, etc.

(10) When you become insensitive to the needs, feelings, concerns, and plight of your spouse. You suddenly become ignorant about your God-given responsibility of going the extra mile or making sacrifices for your spouse and your home. You become not interested anymore. Love will becomes one-sided affair when the other party is not reciprocating it.

(11) When the atmosphere at home becomes tense and full of unhealthy emotions, irritation, hatred, anger, unforgiving attitude, retaliation, and all manners of third-party biased interference. 

Check the state of your love today and begin to fuel it by sparking and spicing up loving and bonding activities. 

I declare you will not fail in marriage in Jesus' name. 

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