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11 Mindsets You Need To Change Before Marriage.

To prevail or fail in marriage is an operation of your viewpoint. A successful marriage doesn’t start from the altar on the day of the wedding, it all begins from your mind. If you answer yes from your inner being, then you will need to change the following mindset before you say, yes to your spouse in acceptance of a marriage proposal. 

1. Marriage is a necessary evil.  What you program into your mind is what you will download in marriage. However, many people believe that marriage is a necessary evil which is why the majority experience evil in their marriage they are part of the few who enjoy good and favor in their marriage by thinking that marriage is necessary goodness.

2. Cohabitation is not bad. This simply means living together like a married couple with someone you are not yet married.  This is very wrong as a Christian. Most of the time, this leads to a delayed wedding and broken relationships as the guy has enjoyed the “food” he didn’t pay for.

3. Trial marriage is good. Simply like cohabitation, it’s staying jointly of two people that are engaged with the mindset to confirm if they can live together in marriage with love and harmony. They believe that if they can live together without misunderstanding then they can get married as husbands and wives but if not, then they will break the relationship since it’s just a trial. Please don’t participate in this unpleasant character. Marriage is not by trial and error, it is a lifetime commitment from the day you get married. To know the fellow very well before the wedding, take time to court for at least 6 months to 2 years.
4. Marriage is punishment for men. See this Bible passage in the book of Proverbs 18:22 says that he who finds a wife has found what is good and has received favor from the LORD. Marriage was not instituted to be a punishment for either men or women. Those who are experiencing any form of pain in their marriage have missed it somewhere and they need to sit down and find out where they got it wrong. Your case is different; marriage to you is a blessing and favor from the Lord.

5. Marriage is slavery for women. Marriage is not a correctional center, please be positive about your hubby. 
6. Marriage is for child making. Marriage is not just about childbearing, marriage is beyond that, simply because It is also for companionship, intimacy, friendship, and preservation of fates, among others. Though baby making is one of the purposes of marriage it is not exclusively meant for that because apart from giving birth you can still enjoy your marriage. 

7. “Feeling that It's bad and not satisfying to leak secrets to your partner ”. The Bible said in the book of Genesis chapter 2 verse 25 "And they were both naked and were not ashamed of each other”. Your spouse should be the person who knows everything about you. you can hide your secrets from other people both in and outside your home but not a proper idea to hide anything to your wife. Your wife is you in a male gender. Feel Free to share your pain, fears, success, and failure with your partner. 

8. Women are necessary evils. Although, their lots of women who were thorns in the flesh of their husbands virtuous woman is none of them. Your wife is a virtuous woman who will be a plus and not a curse in your life. Your wife will please you all the days of your life. 

9. Men cannot be trusted. In marriage, don’t generalize issues. Some men were not trustworthy likewise we have trustworthy men. Make up your mind to trust and marry a trustworthy man because you can’t love somebody you don’t trust in marriage. Marriage without trust will be rocky.  

10. A woman needs to be beaten to come to her right senses. As a young man planning to enter into marriage, you must have seen married men beat their wives, don’t copy them. It’s only an animal-like man that beats his wife. When you beat a woman, you release the wrong senses into her mind. Wise men don’t fight women, but they pamper them. Great husbands are not wife-beaters. Nail your hand to the cross and never raise your hand to beat your wife, so prefer to be a romantic husband. 

11. Wishing your mother-in-law death before you marry her son because you were told that all mother-in-laws are bad. Remember that one day you will become a mother-in-law to some one that will marry your son, do you pray to die before your son gets married? If not, don’t wish your potential mother-in-law death. All mothers-in-law are not bad if there is any who is bad. Seek knowledge to win your mother-in-law's heart before you marry her son. Also, make up your mind to accept her and treat her like your biological mother that's best way to enjoy her loving you. 

Thanks and God bless you.

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