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12 Secrets To Having A Strong And Happy Relationship.

If you wish for a loving and lasting relationship with your partner, you and your partner need to embrace the following routines:

1. Commitment. Responsibility is very crucial if you want to have a strong relationship with your companion. You have to be determined to cling to your partner and make the relationship work irrespective of the weaknesses your partner might have. Couples who resuscitate their dedication to everyday life, in proclamations and deeds, are on their way to having a strong connection among themselves.

2. Hold Your Private Lifestyle Private. When you place your relationship on social media, you are indirectly inviting the public to your relationship. Keep your private matters private only with your spouse. It’s a relationship between you and your companion and not between you, your partner, and the prevailing public. You can share your enjoyment dates with your partner or some nice photos together on your Facebook or Instagram app but make sure you draw the line where necessary to avoid attracting unwanted personalities into your private affairs.

3. Know When To Let Things Slide And Learn How To Manage Misunderstanding. Find ways to put to end the commonness of conflict in your relationship by tolerating the little things your lover did to you, this will help you and your spouse to create a strong love bonds for each other. Arguments are usual in a relationship but you should make sure you never hurt the feelings of your partner during an argument. Always listen to understand what your partner is saying whenever there's argument so you don't turn it into conflict.

4. Learn To Listen To Each Other. Speaking rarer words and paying more attention are vital if you want to build a powerful lasting relationship with your partner. You must constantly pay immediate attention to what your partner has to say. Ask your partner how his or her day proceeded and listen to him or her conversation as this will help you to know where to encourage, correct, and support the person. Without listening to your significant other it will be hard for you to know what to do for him or her. 

5. Make Time For Dating. Spending differentia time with your partner is crucial if you dream of having a healthy relationship. Nothing alternate for time together. No matter how engaged you are for the week, always initiate time to go out on dates with your partner,  make it a routine at least once a month, it will help to rebuild a love bond.

6. Be Completely Transparent. Partners in healthy relationships have no secrets against each other. If you are longing to make a substantial relationship with your partner, you have to be completely diaphanous with your partner. You don’t require solitude in your relationship if you like a potent relationship where you will enjoy your lover endlessly.

7. Try New Things Together. Whether it is something as simple as watching a new film one of you has seen recently, or something as powerful as skydiving, or something else, trying new things together as a couple is important as it will present you with a new love memory to share with your sweetheart. Trying new things jointly keeps the excitement and affection moving in your relationship.

8. Compliment Your Partner every day, appreciation is one of the most powerful energies you can give your wife or husband. You shouldn’t save the commendations for major events independently, make complimenting your partner a traditional occurrence. You make your partner feel unique and noticed when you praise him or her and this enables you to build a strong healthy relationship or marriage. 

9. Never Put Each Other Down In Public. How you treat your partner in a semblance of others matters if you desire to have an unforgettable relationship with your partner. Don't ever put each other down or say anything negative about your partner in public for any reason even if you were disagreeing with each other on anything before you left the house together. Only say validating and kind words to each other in public and in private to save disagreements for when you both are alone. 

Also, remember that there is power in your tongue so use it wisely to avoid you being the one to destroy your happiness. Words are like seeds, as you speak, you have planted them, and will germinate and bear fruits for you, if you say positive words you will reap good results, and if it's negative words they will return to you with unpleasant energy, it's important you know the kind of words you speak about your spouse because whatever you say will come back to you. 

10. I am encouraging you today not to stop proclaiming love to your significant other. These 3 little words “I love you” are powerful and still important if you want to make a strong relationship with your spouse. Irrespective of how busy you were during the day, remember to end your day by telling your spouse how much you love him or her. End your day with the words “I love you” rather than transferring anger and emotional challenges from work or the office to your partner. Make your home a loving place you will always desire to be with your loved ones. 

11. Know How To Compromise. You should to understand the importance of compromising if you want to create the relationship of your desire. You may not constantly want to do what your partner wishes for but if it’s important to your spouse, do it with happiness and a smile on your face. Again, you should understand that you can not give final words, or conclusions all the time, allow your partner to give his or her opinion, value it, and respect it, it will strongly contribute to having a love bond between the two of you. Don't make decisions as if you are living alone while you have a loving partner with you every day.
12. Pray and Play Together in Love and Harmony.  Couples that pray and play jointly remain concurrently. Hand in hand each morning before you confront the vicissitude of life, read a devotional and pray together, and don't forget to do it with your children too. Training them in that manner will help them as they grow into adults knowing that prayer is important in their lives and playing with family members is compulsory for building a happy home. 

Take turns to pray for your husband or wife, your marriage whether newly married or not, and against marital challenges whether already confronting you or not, and your children for God's direction and protection over their individual lives. If it's your turn to pray, lift your spouse's limitations so he can handle the challenges before the challenge takes over your marriage. 

Never miss a possibility to applaud life's milestones together. Observe anniversaries and birthdays together. Make it simple and lovely. Be merry with the someone you wedded and watch your love for each other grow from stability to resilience.

I pray for you, that your marriage will be successful and prosperous in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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