14 Ways To Prevent Your Marriage Not To Fail.

Being a man or woman of faith alone doesn't automatically make you a good husband or wife. Out there so many marriages are failing because the man and woman have concentrated on a relationship with God and overlooked that marriage is a human union and that loving each other is also a form of worship and praise to God, they also ignored the fact that marriage is ordained by God and should not be taken for a child's play.
Is not bad at all to have a strong and powerful relationship with God but your marriage should not be pushed aside, otherwise things that will go against the will and law of God in your life and marriage will happen, which is infidelity, and God's presence will be far away from you. 

As a believer for you not to fail in your marriage, take notes of these things, 14 ways to prevent your marriage not to failing. 

1. Yes, have a healthy devotional life with God; but also don't omit to understand to communicate with your spouse, and have good discussions even as you make efforts to live a Holy life. Your marriage will be in danger when you fail to understand that being a prayerful Christian should not stop you from performing your marital duties. 

2. Be faithful to God, but don't swindle or be promiscuous to your spouse by spending fewer hours with him or her in the name of doing charity work, fasting, and prayers without limit. Is not bad to fast and pray but remember that it doesn't stop you from making love to your partner especially after the fasting and prayer have ended. Your marriage will be on its way to collapse when you start giving excuses that you can not make love to your partner because you are on 30 days, or 120 days fasting and prayer. Someone who can not accept this type of excuse would have replaced you before you are done with the fasting. In a nutshell, worshipping God is not against your responsibility as a married couple. 

3. Have a pure view of lovemaking with your partner; but as a married couple having great lovemaking, and enjoying your partner as you want is one of the best ways to keep your marriage bond alive, this is good and satisfactory. Don't be strict, just because you are active in church or a praying ministry doesn't mean the only lovemaking style you should do with your spouse is missionary. Do all it takes to give each other pleasure, touch each other at pleasing places, kiss without a timetable, and scream for joy; pure lovemaking doesn't mean it can't be fantastic, and it does not stop God from being in charge or a leader in your family or ministerial journey. 

4. Spend more time at home, your family needs your love just as you need the love of God in your life every day. Don't be a stranger to your family by coming home once in a while because of your position in the ministry where you worship then you think your family will understand after all you are praying for them too, please be available for them physically too. 

5. Be good to people, and help them to experience God's glory, but don't forget your family comes first because kindness they said switches on from home. It will be bad that you win souls outside but none of your family members are converted to God by you. Let your family know the God you serve as well. 
Don't be a shepherd in public but a leopard at home, don't make the mistake of not extending your love for God to your family, if this mistake occurs, believe me, it will negatively impact your marriage. 

6. Go outside and lead people to God, but don't fail to lead your family to God because your love for God is not complete until your marriage starts feeling the goodness of God as a result of your fellowship with God. 

7. Listen to praise and worship gospel music; but also listen to mature love songs, when you are in love with your partner, listening to love songs can uplift your soul, and feelings for each other, and also contribute to strengthening the romantic bonds you have for your spouse. Listening to love songs is different from listening to worldly music that is capable of making the spirit of God distant from you when you allow the music to occupy your mind. 

8. Talk about God's Word, reflect on the Word together; but also talk about other things such as science, romantic feelings, emotional love story, pranks, enterprise ideas, and how to flirt with each other. Avoid the mistake of being physically present but intimately and emotionally absent from your wife or husband, allowing this means your marriage is about to hit an iceberg of destruction. 

9. Pray for your finances, but also work on financial discipline. Manage your finances well and avoid taking any step that is capable of bringing you down financially. If you are part of the financial decision-makers in your ministry, don't take money without the notice of others so that it will not come back to haunt your marriage. 

10. Don't fail to praise your partner, this is not particularly to men but as a loving wife, learn to praise your man as well. All of us want to those romantic appreciation words. Call your partner adorable love names, even after lovemaking, you can still praise each other, which is part of building a strong love bond that will make your marriage not fail. Make it special, be unique while you brainstorm names never heard in public before. 

11. Live by Godly criteria; but understand that your spouse is not immaculate, he or she will fall short occasionally, God is not done with him or her yet. We are all works in progress in the hand of God our designer. Forgive his or her imperfections while you make modifications where necessary, remember not to keep records of those errors and offenses because it will hurt your feelings for each other. On the other hand, failure to live a Godly life will hunt down your marriage. For instance, a promiscuous partner is not living a Godly life and you know this can make the love you have shared for years a traumatic memory, but stick to a Godly life, life leverage. 

12. Go for an outreach, and missions, but also go out on dates as partners, and do romantic things too. Even, as partners who married in the Lord, going for an outreach together is cute and lovely. You can do it like this; while you speak to the public with the megaphone, your spouse can be sharing fliers or church invitations with passersby, this is one of the romantic ways to worship God together in your marriage. Your marriage should not fail because of outreach if you both can not do it together. Give God his time and give your Darling his or her attention required from you. Let the public see the love of God you preach to them in your family, otherwise, your marriage is on its way to failure. 

13. Yes, dance for the Lord your God as you praise him at home or in the church; but also gradually dance as a couple, kiss as you slow dance together, hold your hubby tight, look each other closely in the eyes as you and profess love. 

14. You invited God on your wedding day, you should also involve God every day in your marriage because without God being at the zenith of your marriage, your marriage will fail. 

The God you love loves marriages after all he's the one that ordained marriage since the inception of this world; so be a loving spouse, be available for your family even as you make yourself available to God, and look attractive and irresistible to your partner, be thoughtful regarding the things that will make your marriage not to fail, be passionately in love with each other, and have fun with your spouse as many times as possible every day, week or in a month. 

Sometimes we have made being Godly so stringent and because of that, so many marriages today are wearing out and lifeless.
If you sincerely take notice of this list, your marriage will not fail.

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