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16 Reasons Why You Should Marry.

Getting married is more than just giving birth to children, there are more benefits and pleasures we stand to gain when we get married to someone we love. 

Today we will be looking at the 16 Reasons Why You Should Marry. 

1.  "For love". 
Love is and should be the number one motive you get matrimonial but don't love because you desire to get married, marry because you two love each other and want to be together for ages. Let it be that you love each other so much that marriage is inevitable for you. While you make this decision remember that love is different from lust, the list can easily fade away while love if nurtured can last for a lifetime. 

2. "For defense". 
Now that you love each other, getting married gives you the legality to lay a declaration to each other's body, general ambitions, happiness, joys, and challenges; and youngster or children if you are marrying a single parent. A matrimonial responsibility gives you the right to build without keeping back as marriage is one of the highest shapes of commitment and covenant between two people. Emotionally, lovingly, mentally, spiritually, and physically secure each other, that's one of the benefits you being together. 

3. "For camaraderie". 
As you grow into adulthood, you will recognize how vital it is to have someone to call your own, and you will admit that success, the money, the big ca, rs and, the house can not occupy the lonely vacuum in you. What a joy it is to be married to your satisfactory friend, the best friend you will grow old without being tired of living with him or her. Whether you have little or much no one likes to be and feel unattended to. Get married to that special someone to close that vacuum. 

4. "For Help". 
We are all craving for a helper, somebody to provide for us, someone to enrapture us, someone to be a cohort teammate, someone to gather us up when we are down, somebody to walk with us to our triumph. Yes, friends and family can be there for us but their backing is finite, you will not always be important to them since as friends and family grow aged, they have their own lives to live; but a partner will be there for you all the route of life because you are always a priority to him or her, whatever impacts you affects your spouse too. Is important you know that you are marrying to be your husband or wife's helper. There are things you can not do alone whereas you can achieve a whole lot when you do it with your marriage partner. 

5. "For kids". 
We all wish to bring a child into the earth in a durable family, a stable family thrives out of a long-lasting marriage. As a man without a woman you can not give birth to your children, the same thing goes for the ladies as well. For the love you have for children, get married to enjoy your children by your side. 

6. "For childrearing". 
Parenting is greatly fulfilling when done with a co-parent. Single parenting is possible but even single parents wish they had a partner to share the joys, efforts, fruits, and obligations of childrearing with. It feels good to have someone to entrust your child with because he or she has equivalent stakes in the child, it feels satisfactory to have someone who is an interested party to observe how your children are turning out to be, someone to talk about your child's progress with, someone who comprehends you as a parent, someone who can help you navigate through childrearing. Training a child is not an easy job, remember is not something you can do in a day a month, or even a year, is a task to be done for years, this is why you need a loving partner as a husband or wife to help you, work and walk with you as a team in the training of children.  

8. "For expansion"
When two extraordinary individuals unite in marriage, individual and joint growth is inescapable. Iron sharpens iron is an important proverb you should understand even as marriage is concerned. Growing together is better than growing alone because you can be helped by your partner, if you grow alone you can easily fall out of line or lane of success. 

9. "For enlargement". 
Two are adequate than one for they have a better compensation for their labor. In marriage your prosperity increases as you both contribute, love motivates both of you to do more, and you both contribute opinions that will guide you to wiser decision-making. 

10. "For Lovemaking gratification"
Making love to your partner is a beautiful gift from God. Marriage gives you the freedom to lovemaking, do it anywhere in your apartment as many times as you desire. Being married heightens faithfulness as it is anticipated of you both that when you want to make love, you can get it and you don't have to look for enjoyment outside your marriage. Marriage is the only approved moment by God to make love to your partner, so if you want to make love, and enjoy intimacy with the opposite gender, please get married and do it with someone you truly love and as well loves you in return because this will reduce the possibilities of infidelity. Remember not to mistake lust and infatuation for love. 

11. "For priority". 
Married couples grow to have additional importance compared to those who are single as they have more to live for in their marriage. When you have a spouse and family you are responsible to, you will become more serious and determined in whatever you are doing, before you make a decision you will calculate well, and focus in life. 

12. "For emotional release". 
You will require someone to trust emotionally, someone to be powerless to, someone to come home to and tell how your day went through; that someone is your husband or your wife. The world will only see your powerful and smiling side of life but your spouse knows your tears and when you are confused or lost in sensual and bewildering happiness. You need that passionate release, a spouse is good for your sound mind. 

13. "For our human necessity". 
Whether you acknowledge it or not, inside you, there is an inner requirement from you to love and be loved by someone special, the lover in you is calling out for someone to pour out all your love even if in the past the pursuit of love has caused you great pain. Marriage allows you to achieve it, to love that one person for the rest of your life. You will never know how deep and good you can love until someone gives you a chance to love them
14. "For the favor of God". 
A man who sees a good wife receives favor from the Lord. Something will transpire in a man when he gets married, things like open doors, he will man up to his responsibility, he realizes himself even more, and he shoots up in his purpose. A woman carries inside her enormous residues of favor that her husband needs to withdraw from for their marriage to prosper. Ladies are nurturing, and as she promotes, she is in their element, they flourish, and they shine. 

15. "For Inheritance and Continuity". 
We all aspire to be extraordinary and want to hand over that excellence to the next generation. We get married to have children or adopt if need be and raise those children to be great. That's why parents who never got a chance to go to promising schools, or never got possibilities to excel will work hard to give their children what they did not have the opportunity to enjoy. That is why successful parents groom their children to become the beneficiaries they will pass their baton. We make sacrifices because we want to make a favorable donation to the world through the child or children we raise. 

16. "For social honour". 
It is good to walk around and declare "I am married", "I am mature enough to have strengthened a happy marriage", "Meet my wife", or "Hello, this is my husband"... It feels satisfactory for the name of the family you are co-leader in to radiate. It feels good to watch your child or children be excellent and say to each other "Look what our love brought us". When you are overseeing a successful marriage it gives you more faith and credibility in public; if you can oversee a marriage, certainly you can supervise any other social department, you can govern a country, you can become superintendent to a company, or a congregation with love.

Enjoy your marriage. 

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