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20 Romantic Quotes For Marriage And Dating Relationships.

I created this love Quotes with the mindset of you enjoying it for the success of your marriage, I am happily married I wish to see other married couples happy in their marriage as well.

1) You will only think you are doing too much when the love is not mutual.

2) A husband sets the mood of love and intimacy for the wife, while the wife sets the mood of happiness for the home.

3) If you don't catch the little foxes before they destroy your garden they will grow to become the reason why you give will up on your garden.

4)  The foundation of any Successful marriage is friendship.

5) As long as your partner can not testify that he or she is loved by you, you are not giving the right love.

6) Who you need to cherish and consume your time on earth in marriage with, is a confidential choice you need to make, don't put together it with respect to general assessment since no one will be in that Marriage with you.

7) Be careful so you don't let third parties and outsiders keep you from seeing the treasure in the one you have chosen to love and spend the rest of your life with.

8) Every day is another chance to love your sweetheart in a better, deeper and sweeter ways.

9) If you can treat your boss, pastors or clients better than your spouse; then you have a priorities issue.

10) God writes more amazing love stories than the best writers; involve God in your love life and see how your marriage or relationship will be filled with love.

11) If you want peace in your marriage, learn to respond positively and not to react negatively to anything in your Marriage.

12) Don't just expect your spouse to be faithful to you without your support, let your spouse enjoy being faithful to you by being faithful too. Faithfulness shouldn't be something to struggle for in your Marriage or Relationship.

13) Children are a blessing from God but don't let them come in between you and your partner. When they grow and move out of the house, what quality of love will you and your partner have?

14) Nobody nags in a vacuum, they nag out of neglect, lack of attention, care, respect, and intimacy. A loved partner is a secure partner.

15) Don't expect good communication from your spouse if you are not peacefully available to each other and easy to talk to.

16) Don't treat your spouse right only when lovemaking is the agenda, treat him or her like there's no tomorrow to be romantic again.

17) When it comes to loving your spouse, you get what you invested.
18) Don't try and copy another people's Marriage or live like they do; each couple has their own Marriage journey, and destination.

19) When you take away lovemaking and intimacy out of the equation, will you still need and love each other? Lovemaking has a shelf life, love is for a lifetime and Marriage is not exception.

20) Treat your spouse how you would want your spouse to treat you, this is one of the best ways to be loved.

I wish you more happy days in your marital Union, remain blessed.

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