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14 Best Way To Be A Father To Your Children.

A father is beyond being biologically part of somebody's life or possessing a good number of percentage in his or her DNA. A father has a great role or numerous responsibilities in the life of his children and family at large.
In this post, I will reveal to you what it means to be a father.

1. BE THERE. The biggest failure as a man is to give birth to a child and turn back to reject that same child, abdicating your duty as a father, being quick to make love to a woman and quicker to disappear when pregnancy arrives. So many Children outside there are feeling hurt because of a father who is alive but has disowned them emotionally, spiritually, and physically, it makes the child grow feeling undesirable and disliked, it gouges the child confidence and a few become grown-ups with a consistent sensation of dismissal. If you have a child, be there; no matter how bad things are between you and the mother of the child- be there; you owe it to your young one.

2. TELL YOUR DAUGHTER SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. The primary man to praise a young lady ought to be from her dad, the main man to observe her magnificence ought to be her father. A young lady ought to grow up persuaded she is wonderfully made, and feeling like a lord's princess that in any event, when young men and other men attempt to charm her truism she's delightful she answers "I know, my father has been letting me know that for quite a long time". Such a large number of young ladies succumb to preying men since they are frantically searching for friendship, they have daddy issues and had no experience with a male figure who truly cherished them before the preying men saw their body and hips; so they succumb to men who use praises and offer consideration as a carrot to bait to a snare that prompts hurt.

3. EAT WITH YOUR FAMILY. Food unites people, one of the best demonstration of safety to a kid is the point at which the father makes time to eat with him or her.

4. BE THE SPIRITUAL LEADER. The father should be the High Priest. He ought to lead the youngsters towards carrying on with a Genuine lifestyle, he ought to be seen imploring, reading their Bible, carrying on with out a Faithful life, cherishing. The youngster ought to be given a godly life establishment that will shape a steady future and the dad should be seen submitting to the God who gave the kid life and who makes life as a parent conceivable.

5. LISTEN. A youngster with a dad who loves to listen fills in certainty. At the point when a kid feels he can discuss anything with his father, nothing can easily threaten the kid. Sometimes you don't have to speak too much words, just sit down and listen. The initial requirements of love is to be listened to, to be adored the way you want to feel and what you have to say is essential.

6. GIVE ADVICE. A dad should be there to give counseling to his children regardless of whether requested or not. Kids sob for life direction. As a dad, be engaged with the course of the looking for replies. Be open about your mistakes (not lying that you used to get straight A's in school exam), your experience growing up, your illustrations and your assumptions for the kid. Offer guidance not as a tyrant whose word is last in case you disconnect yourself from the kid in light of the fact that the child can do what you ask yet fear and detest you; however assist the kid with understanding the reason why you are demanding your direction, assist the kid with understanding your reasons, train your children to thoroughly consider arrangements; along these lines, he or she will grow up with the independent limit of pursuing sound and savvy choices.

7. BE PRESENT. The presence of the father should be known by the children, so many men has abandoned the role of parenting to their wives. Your children should feel your presence, your loving words and romantic protection towards them.

8. REFRAIN FROM THROWING MONEY AT THE PROBLEM. Irrespective of how rich you are, fatherhood is not achieved by throwing money at your children. Anytime your child talks about your absence, when problems arise, when dealing with your child becomes a handful and you feel you have no time to resolve the issue; don't use money to silence or appease your children. Fatherhood is a hands on approach, is not going to be easy but its benefits are tremendously sweet. Don't escape with the help of your cash. Material things can convince a child about you for a moment, meanwhile the child will look around but will not see or perceive a fatherly love from you.

9. SHOW UP. Make fatherly exposure; appear at your children's games day, birthday party, parent's day in school, graduation or some other extraordinary day of celebration. Make irregular visits to what your children cares very much about regardless of whether for a couple of moments. Meet your children companions momentarily, let your kid feel daddy's caring eyes are looking after them. A representative feels unique when the supervisor makes an irregular visit to look at the representative's work, a resident feels exceptional when The President makes an unexpected visit to welcome the resident, a child feels extraordinary when daddy makes a cherishing phone call or appears at show he wants to prove he cares.

10. BE A SUPER HERO. Be the strength of your children, their rock, be their shelter, the refuge and defender of your children. Train them with the fear of God the Heavenly Father, be their role model as God representative here on earth.

11. CREATE A VISION. With your wife intellectually by your side, create a vision for your family. Define what you expect in the life of your child because children love living up to a target. Let the vision and values that should lead and direct the life of your family plain and simple for the child to live by. Your role is to show leadership to everyone in the family.

12. STAY FOCUSED. Start a vision can not be not enough, you should not for any reason abandon your sheep. A man is the one who proposes Marriage to a woman, you as a man initiated the establishment of a family, but a whole lot of men let down the family they initiated with the woman they loved. They begin having illicit relationships, extravagantly spending money on ladies and being occupied by futile pursuits as their while their children suffer. Don't abandon halfway the steering wheel, be focus as you drive your family car with full determination for success.

13. YOUR LIFE SHOULD BE A SUCCESS STORY FOR THEM. Succeed as a professional, succeed in life, shine in society. Children love to brag about their daddy, be the best man in your child's eyes everyday, the one he will grow up to be like. Make it an honor to carry your name as a surname.

14. LOVE THE MOTHER. Your wife will automatically took a new position in your life the moment she start having children, she is not just your wife but the mother of your children. Your children loves you and their mom the same way and the desire of a child is to see mum and daddy in love working as a team. A child is supposed to grow up with the show of how genuine love looks like from his or her Mummy and Daddy.

Be the father your children will love to have that even after they have their own family the memory of the love you shared with them will not be forgotten.

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