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10 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Lover In Courtship.

Courtship is when you prepare for marriage with your significant other, during this time you have the opportunity to know him or her more even though you will not know everything about the person but there are things you need to know ahead of marriage as this will help you to take a better decision about your marriage with the person.
This brings to the questions you should ask your partner while in courtship.

1. Are You Born Again Christian? This will help you to know if both of you serve the same God or you are the only one that's born again Christian. If not, you are heading towards divorce! Or an head on collision with a secret master.

2. What Is Your Vision In Life? Think about things "I plan to be a billionaire in dollars in the next 10 years by exporting cocoa to at least 11 different foreign countries", this type of vision makes sense. I envisage being a senior pastor of a powerful healing ministry in Nigeria" or " I want to be the governor of my state in the next 15 years". Make your vision clear and interesting. If it is something clear and understanding, your partner will know how to position themselves to support you and encourage to accomplish it. If they disagreed with your vision, let the person suggest something better than what you said otherwise see their character as a red flag sign against your success in the future! There is no reason to get married to someone that doesn't want your success in life.

3. Which Church Denomination Will You Be Going To After Wedding? If you don't like  church he attend and also his Pastor, and you don't want to attend the church for whatever reason best known to you, end the relationship instead of believing you will convert him or her to your church after marriage.

4. How Much Is Your Monthly Salary? This question is Very crucial, because it will help you you to know how to plan on your finance and grow it together.

5. What Are Your Monetary Plans? No one should stay less busy financially. If you are earning 80,000 Naira right now, how do you intend to increase it in the next 5 years? Will you work smarter and seek promotions in your company, or you will change to entrepreneur, start a new business entirely, invest in stocks, etc. What type of business can you profitably invest in that will grow your finances? Is very important you take notes of these things before concluding to marry.

6. Have You Been Involved In Lovemaking In The Past? You need to know about this for you to know what to expect on the wedding night and how to meet their intimacy needs if you guys finally get married. Men who have been active in Lovemaking before can't stand boredom in bedroom.

7. What Are Your Expectations When It Comes To Lovemaking? Questions like this should be asked when it's certain that you are going to marry the person so if your partner has low resistance to bedroom activities you will know. Do you believe in different styles while making love? This will help you to understand his or her way of satisfaction, and you can satisfy the person.

8. What Is Your Love And Intimate Language? Some people like to be touched, closely hugged, and a lot more. Some love gifts, if you love them, give them gifts, some want you to spend quality time with them especially in your leisure time, some people want you to affirm, admire, compliment and appreciate them. Ask questions, so you will not build your marriage on ignorance and neglect.

9. What Will Make You To Ever Think Of Divorcing Me? We know God is not happy about divorce decision but don't do things that will make your spouse to think of booting you out of his or her life. Ask about the things the person hates so you will not do them and eventually put an end to your marriage! For example not all men can accommodate an adulterer woman and likewise a woman would not like to be with a man that physically assaults her. Express yourself before that's the opportunity you have there.

10. Family Planning. How many children do you want to have and within how many years in marriage? You need to make plans so you will not start giving birth to children every year till the man runs away from home because of too much responsibility.
Voice out, feel free to express yourself. 

Courtship is the best time for serious discussion and planning towards your glorious future in matrimony. There is no accidental success in marriage. What you didn't plant in your marriage you will never enjoy. So plan towards marital success and you will be happy in your marriage with your partner.

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