10 Proven Signs Of A Husband Material.

I believe you know that not all garden egg is fresh inside, some of them have maggots inside them.

If many Single ladies will ignore the outer freshness of a man and look inwards, they will discover the ones with maggots kind of attitude.

If ladies will learn to ignore flashy things, wealth, flashy cars, exorbitant mansions, overwhelmed cuteness of a man, and focus on the quality of a man which is his character, it will decrease the availability of fake men.

Material things are good but desperation for it is bad and could end your life. Not everyone that's financially well to-do is husband material.

In this article, you will know and understand more what husband material truly means.
Who Is A Husband Material?

1. He is a man that his words are his bond.
He doesn't do promise and fail to his wife.

2. He is the lover of Jesus Christ and always committed to the things of God's work. He love the woman in his life, just as Christ loves the church.

3. A man who paid bride price of his wife before claiming ownership of her love to him.

4. He's a man that takes positive decision for his woman and stand by it. Not someone controlled by a third-party in his marriage.

5. A man who understands what it means to be Caring, giving attention to the wife of his youth, and establishing a healthy communication with his woman in a relationship or marriage.

6. He does not fake his lifestyle just to sleep with with women, he has control over his life and desires.

7. A man that is not after the physical look of a woman but her heart and character because, character is the main beauty of every woman.

8. Even with his wealthy life, he is always humble to the core towards everyone around him. He's not a child molesters, or someone that has the habit of beating his wife, he is not a womanizer.

9. A man who pet you and surprise you with your favorite gifts even without your demand for it, of course he knows fully well that most women cherish surprises so he always wants to surprise you.

10. He is mindful of your future and vision, not just after your hips and romance to satisfy his desire.

11. A man who believes that being in love with you is beyond making love to you.

Every woman desires a husband material in their lives, but remember to be a wife material, because you can only attract what you carry.

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