10 Things That Destroy Love In A Relationship.

Is obvious that nobody wants to be in an unhappy relationship or Marriage, even those that find themselves in it did not plan for it, for them it was accidental because either they didn't see it coming or they ignored the signs when it was coming.

For you to avoid being in an unhappy relationship for the steps listed below;

1) Absence of God's presence in a relationship. It is evident in how much you do whatever you like with your spouse. If God is involved in your Relationship, the evidence will be clear.

2) Ignorant comparison against your partner and another person. The ugly attitude of comparing your partner with someone else, maybe someone you met in a public place, in a ceremony, your ex-lover or colleague. Comparing your relationship with other people's relationships is dangerous than you may have imagined it.

3) Rivalry: Competition against each other instead of working together as one. Complement each other and don't complain against each other.

4) Negative advice against your partner: Unpleasant advice from good sources are killers of love. Nobody should tell you that your spouse is a serial cheater, that he or she is pretending to be in love with you. Such advice will destroy your happy marriage or relationship.

5) Keeping records of offenses committed by your spouse. It is mandatory that you let go of any offense committed against you by your spouse. The best way to let go of offense is to discuss things out immediately and not to wait until a particular day for it. Open-mindedness kills offenses so embrace it. Don't keep records of an offense unless you don't want a happy marriage.

6) Lack of vision for the relationship: What brought you guys together? If you can't define this then you can't last together in that relationship.

7) Cohabitation without a plan. Whoever told you that cohabiting before marriage strengthens love may not be making a mistake but be careful with who you are cohabitating with. If it doesn't work out now, believe me, that Marriage will not work out again.

8) Lopsided respect for your spouse: Love is sustained with mutual respect, submission, loyalty, and obedience. If you are receiving respect than you are giving it then love will fade away eventually.

9) Ethno-cultural sentiments against your partner. Any relationship that will work cultural biases must be checked and properly treated. Don't carry your background into marriage because Marriage has its own background which you are expected to follow if you want a happy marriage.

10) Delayed conjugal right. Settle down as quickly as possible while you are still enjoying the love you have for each other. What are you doing with 8 years courtship? I believe a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years of courtship is enough for any relationship that will lead to Marriage.

Is not about how far but how well. You don't wait until the flame of love you have built for years with so much effort and commitment die before you think about marriage and by then the love is no more there again.

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