12 Ways You Should Position yourself to be found And Loved For Marriage.

In this year that promises a lot of marriage bells for the unmarried, it is important to know how to position yourself, be found and loved by the person that wants to marry you.
 I want you to understand that until you are seen, found and loved, marriage will not take place in your life because you can not get married to yourself. 

So here are some of the tips on how you should position yourself and be found for marriage:

1. Make yourself seeable and available. Some singles both men and women are too hidden to be seen or found by their potential partner. 
Remember that the person that would marry you may not be from your church, your residential compound or immediate environment. 

Is very important to hangout once a while by yourself, travel for weddings whether a friend wedding or a close associate, go to birthday celebrations, market place for personal shopping, and visiting your siblings schools, etc. Try and step out of your comfort zone, is very important.

2. Appears in your real age. Believe me nobody wants to marry his or her mother nor father's age mate. Always look decent and your age to attract the right person. 

3. Be good at what you are doing. Whether in your church, working place, business environment, etc, be committed to whatever you do, be dedicated to it and be good at it too.

This is one of the keys to attracting a relationship, it could be direct or indirect which means you could be recommended by someone else for your true personality. 

4. Always love and appreciate yourself. If you are not in love with yourself now, who would love you? Self love is very essential in our lives, please make it compulsory to love yourself because it contributes to your appearance, and your appearance contribute to love at first site.

5. Maintain a healthy self esteem. It will attract people to you like a magic. Never you devalue yourself or speak negative things about yourself in public or in the presence of your potential admirers, it will reduce who you are to them. But I am not saying that you should start living a fake life, please be genuine in your dealings with people.

6. Always be happy and wear a smiling face always especially when meeting someone for the first time. An adage said that smile is smile is contagious which means because of your smile someone right there with you can start smiling not until the person knows why you are smiling. Be happy and smile because is good for you.

7. Be humble and respectful. One of the gifts if the Holy Ghost is humility and apart from it being a gift of the Holy Ghost humility is one of the most powerful and important things we need in our lives in order for us to be successful. Think about it from marital angle, nobody will like to marry someone that's arrogant and rude to those around him or her. Humble yourself and make it possible for people to associate with you but be careful of your security.

8. Be trust faithful, and worthy: A whole lot of people are looking for those they would trust with one thing or the in their lives. Can you be trusted that you will keep a secret ? Can your spouse trust you to be someone that will be faithful in a dating love relationship or marriage? Let your personality represent you.

9. Develop yourself: We are looking for people who can provide solutions for one life challenges or the other. Develop yourself to be solution provider to those around you and your society in general.

10. Be honest in your dealings with people no matter who they are to you. Dishonesty has destroyed a lot of relationships and intentions. You should be real, says things the way it happened and not hide anything because of personal gain. Be honest with people remember truthfulness leads to trust in relationship or marriage.

11. Forgive as fast as possible whenever you are offended. People fear those that doesn't forgive. You should know that you needs a lot of forgiveness in marriage, after all you are getting married to an imperfect person, so there will be possibilities of offenses but the best thing to always do is to forgive. Create that attitude of forgiveness now that you are single because it will help you in your marriage.

12. Make yourself available and approachable by others. Don't allow people to be afraid of talking to you about anything or afraid of making their intention for marriage known to you. To achieve this you should be an easy going person, is to communicate with, and easy to associate with people.

Whatever someone wants to discuss with you should first give the person attention to hear the out and give your response which is either yes or no answer depending on what the person said.

I know you desired and deserved to be married but please you have to first position yourself properly. You must be noticed by someone who maybe willing to be in marriage with you. 

This year is your year of marital celebration so get ready.

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