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15 Important Questions Every Guy Should Ask His Girlfriend In A Relationship.

 It's not a good idea to be in a dating relationship or courtship without asking questions that are deemed essential because without asking, you can never be informed. That is why in order to make things easier for you, I came up with this information since the questions will help you to have a deep thought about your relationship with your significant other.
There are a plethora of questions to ask about your partner so you will not have any reason to regret spending some years in your life with the person.

Below are the questions;
1) What qualities or behavior do you expect from me as your lover? Asking your spouse these types of questions is one of the major ways forward in a relationship. It will help you to trace out all those unacceptable characters, habits, lifestyles,s or behaviors that may lead to a breakup in the relationship.

2) What bad habit do you want me to give up which you think will negatively affect our Relationship or Marriage?
3) What was your first reaction the first day you met me before you accepted to be my girlfriend?

4) Have you ever envisaged that we are going to fall in love one day despite being colleagues for many years?
5) If you have the opportunity to describe my personality in one sentence, what would you say about me?

6) What romantic name would you like to be calling me? It is always romantic to have a nickname given to you by someone special to you because this name will make her to always have you in mind, and also make you unique to her. It will also help her to easily communicate with you.

7) Do you occasionally have romantic feelings for your ex-boyfriend?
8) What are the most awesome, irresistible, and unique attributes about me that you admire?

9) Would you like your man to be fully responsible for your financial responsibility or you would be supporting him?
10) Can you submit all of your resources to your husband?

11) According to your wishes or desire, how many years do you want to be in a relationship and start getting ready for your marriage?

12) Can you support your man financially for the preparation of your wedding?
13) What can't you tolerate from my people as a daughter-in-law if we get married?

14) Can you get married to a man that doesn't know how to cook and he's not ready to learn how to cook?

15) Can you be in a relationship or get married to a traveler? A man whose job is not stable in one state or country, not even a month?

These questions are romantic and deep as well. It shows you have good intentions towards her in the relationship and that you will always want to impress her if you are given the opportunity.

If she can give answers that satisfy your mind, go on with the relationship.

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