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18 Feelings Every Man Should Make His Woman Feel.

We all know that usually it is the man goes to a woman, chase her around both physical and via romantic love messages and asks her to be his girlfriend, and if the relationship works well for them he will propose to her to be his wife. Whenever she falls for his advances and becomes his woman, he is responsible for her heart. He should make her feel.

1) Make Her Feel Special. Treat her better than every other woman, make her your priority irrespective of your schedule every day, she shouldn't share you with any other woman.
2) Think Of Her. Think of her whenever you are making your decisions, check up on her, keep your communication with her alive, and anticipate her needs because she has needs just like you have needs.

3) Make Her Feel Blessed. Treat her well, add so much value in her life, make her happy to the point she and others who know her will call her blessed.

4) Make Her Feel Desired By You. Look into her eyes with passion and love, stare at her with affection, thirst and hunger for her presence and body, notice her efforts to look beautiful more than her mates, pay attention her needs. This is a trick to winning a woman's heart.
5) Make Her Feel You Missed Her. Ask to meet her in a place she would love to be, tell her on the phone that you missed her when was away from you, and that you were looking for her, don't make her look for you but you look for her, even checking to see if she was online so you can chat with her, find out her schedule and fit yourself in it so she can feel your presence, make plans with her, this will make her feel you are missing her.
6) Make Her Feel Protected. A woman can protect herself, especially when she is a grown-up person, but use your arms to hold her tight, stand up for her at any time, roar at any man or woman who tries to harm her no matter what it is, check if she's reached home safely after visiting you, ask her if she has eaten her dinner, has she taken her bath, does she need to bath with worm water or she preferred cold water.

7) Make Her Feel Respected. Don't talk down at her, make decisions with her, listen to her opinion, don't insult her, and treat her maturely.

8) Make Her Fell Attractive. Each woman is attractive, but she feels even attractive when her man finds her sexy and wants her. Have eyes for only her, praise her body, studying her curves, and notice her dressing.

9) Make Her Proud. Try as much as possible to be successful in your career, achieve great things in life for a good memory of you, be popular in society, be a man of goal getters that she will be proud to be your woman. Make her brag 'That's my man.'

10) Make Her Feel Safe. Your wife's position in your life should never be in doubt, she should never feel uncertain about a future with you, calm her fears, make her secure.

11) Make Her Feel Pleasured. Know how to touch her and where to touch her, ignite the sensations on her skin, on her lips. On the marriage bedroom, give her the most amazing intimacy she wanted, make her body feel pleasured, and make love to her the best way you can.

12) Make Her Feel Forgiven. If she offends you, forgive her and don't keep reminding her of her past mistakes.

13) Give Her Confidence. Don't belittle her, even if she is naturally a short woman, don't mock her if she doesn't know something especially when you asked her for it, no one in this world is a master of all. Encourage her with your belief in her, your faith in her will inspire her to feel loved by you.

14) Make Her Feel Excited. She should look forward to seeing you after being in different location for an hour, she should feel excited for receiving your phone call, being with you because you are good company.

15) Make Her Feel Needed. What is the point of her having a man like you if she will feel lonely or irrelevant? Involve her in all your issues, open up to her in everything, be vulnerable to her, reveal to her your weak points, ask her to help you.

16) Make Her Feel Supported. Find out what is disturbing her heart, and what she is passionate about, making her dreams be real, support her in the best way you can. Be there when she needs you by her side, be strong for her.

17) Give Her Hope. Let her look ahead and envisage a clear future with you, a bright future to look forward to.
18) Make Her Feel Peaceful With You. When you love her well with all your heart, she will be at peace with you. Be a good steward of her heart and not a destroyer.

She is yours so make her proud.

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