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22 Ways To Love Someone That Has Had A Broken Heart In The Past.

Someone with a broken heart is not easy to love due to past experience which is still living in his or her heart. Sometimes we focus so much on the symptoms of their brokenness and conclude that a person is a difficult fellow instead of finding out why the person has a broken heart and how to help him recover himself. The symptoms associated with this issue could be low self-esteem, fear, hopelessness, withdrawal tendencies, addictions to a particular lifestyle, anger, paranoia, indecisiveness, and a guard put up around them.

The question we need to ask about this kind of person is;  What actually leads to their brokenness? There are so many things that can lead to a broken heart, they are not limited to; Sexual abuse that happened in the past with unforgettable memories, the death of a loved one who is either the breadwinner of the house or a husband or wife, loss of a job after the person has settled down for the job with plans for a great future, major disappointment from people in the past who was believed to motivate or mentor them for success, a miscarriage after being in a childless marriage for many years, a difficult childhood full of heartbreaking memories, bullying especially while growing up and a pathetic love life in the past that left them with severely emotionally wounds.

Another thought now is how do you love such a person to the extent of making the person forget those ugly memories? That person could be someone you just started dating or someone you are married to without you being aware of all these things in their lives or you are aware and you are not willing to judge them with their past but you need to love her unconditionally.

1) Affirm your love for the person by professing your love for him or her, and don't forget to be real.

2) Don't judge the person with their past ugly memories. This is because society is already judging him and they need you to render a different voice of judgment by standing with them, bringing them close to yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

3) Give him or her a safe environment or totally make them believe in you to open up to you their emotional struggle, emotional wounds, and that you can help him heal. One of the great healing methods of a broken heart is someone to talk to and not being afraid of being judged in the future by the same person. Be that person they can confidently share their story without being humiliated.

4) It's important to exercise patience with his or her healing, remember this is an emotional struggle so they need your support, trust, and encouraging words, don't add salt to their injury.

5) Don't see the heartbreak as a minor issue, or something not worth taking care of simply because you are not in the person's position to feel how painful it's to them. Just think if it were to be you?

6) Allow them to feel comfortable with you and avoid their faking smiles, love, and personality around you.

7) Find out about the person's passion and trigger a spark by talking about it anytime you are with him or her. It means your caring.

8) Always do things with love for him both at home and in public places, give attention to their needs, and demands are part of helping him to heal.

9) Talk about her past success stories, it will make her believe that she can still achieve her goals in life, that she can still attain her dream position in her office or place of business, and that her ugly past doesn't determine her future.

10) Make him see reasons to forget about the past and move on by sharing your own ugly experience, you were once there, and you have regained yourself and he can emotionally stand up again.

11) Help them to understand and acknowledge who God is, how loving and caring he is for us all, that he has good intentions for us no matter what we are facing in life. This is simply because such a man or woman may have concluded that God has forgotten them in their predicament.

12) Be romantic to her, give intimacy anytime requested, hug, kiss, and touch where necessary, is a form of communication that can help heal the mental wounds.

13) Pray for her, pray for God to restore her emotionally, mentally, and physically, etc. Pray in her presence and in her absence, such a person may have lost appetite for prayer because the memory has overtaken her mind of reasoning and by praying for her, she will feel loved and will quickly be restored.

14) Compliment and encourage her more than you complain about her, this will motivate her to be a better person than being emotionally drained.

15) Prove to her that her past has gone and it should be put behind her even though the memories can't easily be forgotten but she can do without remembering the past. Give her love through any possible means within your power, it will help to restore her back and she will be emotionally strong again.

16) Expose her to a world where there are possibilities, and happiness but don't be rigid in your actions, always seek her permission to be with you otherwise she will rebel against what you are thinking for her.

17) Keep him or her busy with their passion, it could be his favorite sports show, favorite places, eatery, or cinema for movies. Make him or to feel special by your side all times.

18) Don't give judgment by saying that such a thing will not happen to you, that you would have done this or that, just be humble if you really want the person to heal because heartbreak or abuse can happen to anyone.

19) Smile with him or her, smile is powerfully contagious. A genuine loving smile can put happiness in another person's heart, do it because it contributes to the healing of their wounds.

20) Speak life over the person, counsel him about the negative things he has been told about the ugly situation or what he has been thinking about it which may trigger him to commit suicide.

21) Remind him or her that you are not just sympathetic simply because of their situation but because you love, care, cherish and want their happiness as a family member or as an important friend.

22) Let him or her know that they have power over their situation and that their emotional healing is up to them and not you irrespective of your positive efforts for them.

It's not easy to experience heartbreak, care for anyone who is currently experiencing it, show them, love, they can't easily forget about you.

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